England won’t put up with Scotland’s behaviour for long – Telegraph

England won’t put up with Scotland’s behaviour for long – Telegraph.

“On reflection, the referendum on Scottish independence was not a referendum at all. It was a psychological episode. A national spasm. Scotland’s “Death of Diana” moment.

That can be the only explanation for why, in the days, weeks and months that have followed the vote, so many normally sane, well balanced and intellectually robust Scotsmen have packed their bags, taken out their pristine white handkerchiefs, and waved farewell to their senses. Not to put too fine a point on it, the Scots have lost the plot. Not all of them. But enough of them.


Today, David Cameron unveils his EVEL plan for Westminster domination. Or rather, he unveils his proposal for providing the solution, once and for all, to the West Lothian question, the constitutional anomaly whereby Scottish MPs can vote on devolved issues in England, but English MPs cannot vote on devolved issues in Scotland.”

So says the Telegraph. I am frightened. My fur is all atremble. Frightened. I am quivering in my fur and know not what to do. Who will save us? Will they take away our nuclear weapons? Will they tell us to be independent just to teach us a lesson.