A Blue Parrot and some Green Lights by John Aberdein

wind-in-the-willowsThe Vole is rather well educated and was lucky enough to be taught by the noted writer, John Aberdein who was kind enough to hand over this piece.

We’re now up to our ears, eyes, nose and throat in the most complex and dynamic phase of Scottish politics that any of us have ever seen. I want to freewheel with that metaphor for a moment because a) I was born before the NHS was founded; b) my life was saved in a fever hospital at age 5 by the NHS; and c) less than 3 months ago, former Prime Minister Gordon Brown – a man identified 100% with the party that as its most important, single, cherishable deed, actually founded the NHS – uttered such a pack of lies about its current and future funding that the Labour Party will never be trusted here again. The Labour Party chose to parrot the Tories in the referendum, and as a direct result has classically snuffed it. There it lies, blue-plumed, claws limp, on the foul sandpaper of its cage. Perhaps it misheard what we were saying about following the Norwegian model …

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