The great property swindle

This Vole, looking out over the view, knows that by far the most important questions for any country is how the land is used.  My neighbours here on the farm are impressive folk who do well.

But look what is happening in the rest of the country. The best achievements of the Scottish Parliament have been how land has been opened up to us the Voles, Moles and assorted creatures (including humans) of Scotland.  The sooner we sort out the big estates down South in the Highlands and so on, the better.

The great property swindle

“Modern British history, excluding world wars and the loss of empire, is a record of two countervailing changes, one partly understood, one not understood at all. The partly understood change is the urbanisation of society to the point where 90 per cent of us in the United Kingdom live in urban areas. Hidden inside that trans­formation is the shift from a society in which, less than a century and a half ago, all land was owned by 4.5 per cent of the population and the rest owned nothing at all. Now, 70 per cent of the population has a stake in land, and collectively owns most of the 5 per cent of the UK that is urban. But this is a mere three million out of 60 million acres”

via The great property swindle.