Earl of Morton attacks Danus Skene for being too common to represent Orkney folk

11245237_10206887121043476_696091849_nIn the strangest election intervention we saw this week, the Earl Morton wrote to the Orcadian to complain that Danus Skene was too common to represent Orkney and Shetland. He had only been to Eton and was only the chief of his clan. We Voles, condemn this snobbery and think the aristocracy should be able to rise above their privilege and serve ordinary people as candidates.

Danus did well. Better than anyone would have thought. On behalf of the mythological creatures, vermin and assorted fictional creatures of Orkney, we salute him for being prepared to stand and enable democracy to function in the islands.

Where is Cleggie? Carmichael’s leaflets do not show Nick Clegg and admit, its the SNP or Him.


Who in their right minds would trust the LibDems to keep a pledge?  We remember what they did last time. 

Alistair Carmichael has been distributing leaflets around the county that do not mention the truth about what he has done in Government. You would almost think he was in opposition as opposed to being one of the most powerful people in Britain. His leaflets make no mention of  Nick ‘I am so Sorry’ Clegg. Is he ashamed of him? He should be. We are!

The worst of Carmichael’s policies do not affect him or his family but people in England and Wales. Students have to pay tuition fees of up to £9,000 a year and have to take out a loan.  In England and Wales the cost of a prescription is £8.20. How much would a trip to the Doctor cost him back home, nothing. He is making other people pay.  Scottish Liberal Democrats are in a Government that makes English and Welsh people suffer, but thanks to the SNP they and their families are protected.

Carmichael seems to think that his personality should be enough and that he is not accountable for what the Government he has been in has done in power. He hardly mentions policy and behaves as if the LibDems own the people of Orkney and Shetland. We have had enough of being taken for granted. It doesn’t matter if he is a nice man or not. His policies have meant that 600 people in Kirkwall are using foodbanks. Even in Shetland, in the middle of all the oil work, the Salvation Army had to give out food- parcels. No matter what he says, Alistair Carmichael is part of the Government that has done that, has taken away the dignity from ordinary people/

Carmichael  admits that it is a clear choice between him and the SNP. Look at the reality of what he has  done in Government.   If you vote Labour, he WILL get back in and he will support the Tories, or anyone else who might just give him a job. Vote LibDem and nothing will change for the better.

Vote SNP and send Danus Skene to Westminster as part of a team that will represent Scotland’s interests and support a Labour Government. It is the only chance that ordinary people have of clearing out the corruption that has made our politicians a disgrace.

Jo Grimond opposed Trident. Carmichael abstained. Danus Skene of the SNP is his true heir.

Jo_Grimond (1)Jo Grimond was always opposed to nuclear weapons. Alistair Carmichael abstained  in the vote on the renewal of Trident. The SNP’s opposition to nuclear weapons makes them Grimond’s true heir.

I have always approved of mushrooms and all forms of edible fungi much to the despair of Mrs Vole. We agree on our opposition to mushroom clouds. Flushed with all the attention our little posts have had, even being parodied, the Voleings have been running around to see what else they can find.

“Who was Jo Grimond?” the oldest asked.

“You know Jo, he often comes over from the Kirkyard?”

“Old Bones, the ghost with the chains? I like him.”

“So did a lot of people in Orkney and Shetland but he is dead now although a lot of people think he is still standing for Parliament and vote for him. Why do you ask?”

This human called David Steel made a speech about him

“Jo Grimond …  was opposed to the Polaris project and later the Trident one believing them to be “unnecessary, dangerous and expensive” and argued that they made little additional contribution to that of the West as a whole and that they were maintained for “out of date reasons of national prestige”. In the 1959 election he set out the policy: “We of the Liberal Party say that Britain should not make its own nuclear deterrent. We believe the nuclear deterrent should be held by the West on behalf of the West as a whole and not by individual countries.”

‘What does our MP think now?’

Mr Carmichael once asked the Labour Government when they wanted to keep nuclear weapons,  to the the House of Commons, “In recent years, the arguments in favour of possession of nuclear weapons have become progressively thinner… Where will be our moral authority to attend the nuclear non-proliferation treaty talks in 2010 if we back the Government’s position today?”

‘Well, what does Mr Carmichael say now?’

“I don’t know,” I answered,’because he abstained when there was a vote to stop Trident in January but when he was asked in the Referendum campaign, ‘How can you justify renewing Trident when so many people are in poverty?”  He replied, ‘we are working to reduce poverty and we have a responsibility

‘Has he changed his mind?,” the youngest asked me, ‘I don’t know,’ I replied but he is Government minister now.”

Thank you, said the Voleings alltogether, I understand everything now.’