Carmichael begin your redemption resign now and allow us to donate £30,000 to foodbanks

Volunteers weigh up groceries in a US food bank

Donors signing up to support ‘People versus Carmichael‘ are calling on him to go now.

One wrote,

“Might I suggest that someone in Kirkwall with direct access to Mr. Carmichael points out the obvious first step on his road to redemption … that by doing the honourable thing before 29th May, he will be personally responsible for the donation of between £30,690 – £60,000 to Scottish food banks.

The campaign has promised  to give them all funds raised that are not used in litigation or to meet the Indiegogo site costs. The sooner he goes, the more money we can give.

Some one else asked,

“Can your legal team ascertain the anonymous civil servant and why they (a) placed a ‘caveat’ on their memo? and (b) did not ring the Conseil General back to clarify.Even if unsuccessful, this action is still worth every penny as a warning shot over the bows of ‘HMSGreat British State’. They may think twice of smearing anyone else for their own gain. It sends the message, loud and clear, that the people of Scotland are awake; we no longer take their lies, lying down. Scotland deserves better.”

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Hunger and poverty amid economic boom – The VOLE roars!

The Volbreaking newse is too angry to try and be witty:

Carmichael‘s fantastic benefits system means children going hungry. This is what having the LibDems as our MPs for over 50 years mean  when they get into government- poverty amongst rich fields and oil wealthy. Here!  Is this good enough? Of course not. When you go to Tescos make sure you put pasta and tins aside for the Food Bank – its a disgrace but until we get our own country we are going to have to do because the State is morally bankrupt and those who serve in the Cabinet are culpable. This is the situation in Kirkwall – what they said on their website

“October has been a particulary busy month with 688kg of food being distributed – 27 adults and 23 children were supported.  We received 805kg in donations with almost half of this coming from harvest donations and 320kg from the Tesco permanent collection point – thank you very much for your continued generosity.”

This is what Neil Riddell of the Shetland  News said was happening today in Shetland

WHENEVER Angela Nunn of the Salvation Army hands out hot water bottles, blankets and duvets to some of Shetland’s most needy residents, she has mixed feelings: “They need to be able to afford to heat their home properly.”

It is a deeply uncomfortable truth that, in a wealthy community with exceptionally low unemployment, demand for food parcels and other assistance exists at all.

Retired Anderson High School geography teacher David Grieve recently joined the Salvation Army as a community assistant. It has been an eye-opener for him: “I wasn’t aware of the poverty situatSantaion we have in Shetland. People just assume poverty isn’t there – it’s hidden.”

People still ask Nunn from time to time: “Do you send the food parcels to Aberdeen?”

While the proportion of folk affected is relatively small compared to many parts of the country, demand is not letting up.

Read the rest here –

via Hunger and poverty amid economic boom | Shetland News.

So get angry, give what you can and don’t let those whose fault it is relax.