Carmichael blocks amendment to allow investigation of historic child abuse cases.

Alistair_Carmichael_at_Glasgow_2014This one is so serious that satire is not possible.  We need to know why our MP has behaved like this. 
“The Official Secrets Act 1989 amendment was proposed in parliament to make it easier to investigate systemic child abuse cases which have recently come to light with the leaking of a “missing” Westminster dossier which is said to have contained information about paedophiles in parliament and the house of lords. The Defence of Disclosure to Historic Child Abuse amendment was however, blocked by a majority Liberal Democrat and Conservative vote against it.”

Alistair Carmichael voted against the amendment on April 6th this year. [mistake – the vote took place on 23/2/2015 at 9 pm.] We know that a serious offender was Cyril Smith, an MP from his party now dead and so beyond prosecution. We know that he was allowed to get away with it. . Police investigations were blocked and officers made to hand over all evidence which was presumably destroyed,  He was not alone.

The Liberal Democrats are not the only people with reason to be nervous.  The BBC reported today that Lord Janner was known to be abusing boys in Leicestershire children’s homes between the 1970s and 1980s.  As the NSPCC said “something went badly wrong” in the way the allegations were handled and “we need to be reassured this will never happen again”.”

It is surely in the interests of everybody for there to be no appearance of secrets being kept and decisions being made behind closed doors by unaccountable people. We know the pain of this in Orkney perhaps more than most.  We know that practitioners need to be accountable and honest. We know that decision makers should not be able to hide under the Official Secrets Act. It has long been a principle that there is no principle of confidentiality more important than the protection of children.

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