Zara does a ‘vox pop’ in Lerwick – people are giving to our campaign because they believe in democracy.

Faroese_stamp_580_the_seal_womanZara the Selkie has been out and about in Lerwick – tho not in her seal skin of course and no, she does not wear leather shoes but is rather fond of herring.

There has been much talk of the fundraising efforts for a legal challenge of Alistair Carmichael’s election as some kind of Nationalist attempt to over turn the result and paint this as SNP or yes movement politically motivated move but what I hear from all across Shetland is disappointment that Alistair first made this ill advised choice and then lied about it during the election campaign.

Every one I meet who has donated is saying the same thing it about democracy,and if one of the true features of liberalism as we have been told this week is second chances then I join with my fellow constituents in inviting Alistair to stand again as candidate  for Orkney and Shetland  , to not be pressured by the risk to the party over it being the last liberal seat in Scotland.

Some of the things people have been saying to me in Lerwick that they wish they could say to him:

  • Do the right thing resign and seek re-election it show the same faith and respect to the people of Orkney and Shetland they placed in sending you to Westminster as our MP.
  • If you stand down and stand again before Friday thirty to sixty thousand pounds will be donated to food banks and your reputation begins to be rebuilt, I firmly believe the man who entered office to represent Orkney and Shetland in 2001 would be just as shocked and disappointed as we are about what has happened.
  • There comes a time when we all have to choose between what is right and what is easy.
  • Make the right choice for both yourself and your constituents

And in case anyone still thinks this is all about the SNP and yes movement, I voted for Alistair more than once and was impressed by his performance as local MP in the past. If he stands down and then goes back to the electorate, I may do so again.

Someone else said to me, ‘

I have been a unionist all my life.

I voted ‘no’ and then voted for ‘him’.

And this is what we get.’