The Scottish independence referendum was a festival of politics compared with the horrorshow of Brexit.

Iain Macwhirter

Nicola Sturgeon’s decision to forswear political opportunism and campaign for remaining in the European Union has been vindicated by the horror show taking place south of the border. Never has the gulf in political culture between Scotland and England been so wide as in the past week, as the row over immigration overwhelmed the EU debate – complete with overtly racist imagery in the infamous Brexit poster.

And lest anyone claim this is in itself a racialist comment on the character of English people let me say right away there is nothing in the Scots’ DNA that immunises them from racial intolerance. Indeed, there is evidence the very absence of black and brown faces in Scotland has led to some prejudicial sentiments going unchallenged in the past. No – it is not the English are different, it is that Scottish politics and history are different.

Racism and immigration are not…

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