In mourning for Britain. Woe upon us. Help us Europe.

Woe upon us.

Many of us thought this would happen – that the only way we could ensure staying in Europe was to vote independence. This was the huge scare that was held over our heads.

This is the worst day I have seen in politics.

We have seen reckless people destroy our democracy. A minority have threatened the peace of Europe – the consensus that kept that the far-right under  control is now gone – all over the Continent the neofascists will be looking out of their rat-holes and pushing back the tomb stones.

We cannot stay in the United Kingdom. It is not united anymore. Those who told us we had the same values and concerns as people throughout the rest of the country lied – or worse still, they were incompetent.

Now, our future is dependent on the leaders of Europe. Please help us stay. Angela Merkel, please help Scotland, help us work together for a united, free and strong Europe. We have made our democratic will clear, we want to work with you and your colleagues.

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