Come all ye at home with Freedom. Our English comrades are afraid and they need to know we will welcome them here with open arms.

Hamish Henderson in 1997
Hamish Henderson – the poet who wrote the ‘Freedom Call All Ye”

Remembering  the horrors of poverty and fascism Hamish Henderson wrote the great anthem of Scottish freedom – an anthem that combined the hopes of international socialism with the vision of independence.

The song commemorates John McLean, the great hero, who was imprisoned in the dungeons of Edinburgh Castle during WW1 and died as a result of the TB he contracted there, made worse by his giving his coat to a man who did not have one.

“Roch the wind in the clear day’s dawin

Rough the winds in the clear day’s dawning.

Blaws the cloods heelster-gowdie ow’r the bay

Blows the clouds helterskelter over the bay

But there’s mair nor a roch wind blawin

But there’s more than a rough wind blowing

Through the great glen o the warld the day.”

Through the great glen of the world today.

The gist of the song

There is a rough wind blowing across the glens. If you believe in freedom, you are welcome here and we will do what we can to give you homes and food. We were in an Empire that divided the world and now we want to be part of the healing – all races, especially those that cursed us, welcome.

I am hit by the sheer terror that seems to be hitting my friends in England – the liberal, decent people I worked and lived beside for over 20 years – these people are mostly professionals with left wing attitudes, lots of education and huge amounts of skills. All are horrified. I have never known people talk about exit plans and they seem very afraid.

I would like to say that this fear is groundless but with what we have seen happen in our lifetimes, we cannot say that. We have all watched stable democracies, united countries descend into levels of economic anguish and violence that we would have thought impossible. Because of the census, they now know religions and sexuality, ethnicity, all that bastards need to be able to purge and remove.

The abdication of leadership in the English political parties is astonishing. The big parties of Government are in disarray – only the right and far right seems capable of functioning at the moment – it is hard to believe they would not storm home in any election — and in England there is a state that has incomparable data on its citizens and without the discipline of the European courts, can do anything it likes.

Scotland is clear it wants to stay in the European Union – it seems inconceivable to me that they would not take us; we share the values, the beliefs and we want to be in it. Yesterday, many, many of my colleagues in IndyRef reported the same phenomenon; ardent unionists coming up and saying that we have no choice but the SNP now. Good. Now, lets get this country sorted!

There is no shame in people changing their minds when the world has altered. The deal we were offered in 2014, to be an autonomous part of a UK within the EU, is dead. The choice is clear – rule from a resurgent right wing OR to be part of the progressive democracies of Europe. It is one or the other – it cannot be both.  So, no contest.

We have to be clear to our comrades in England and Wales that we will welcome them – not out of charity but because the ones who are in grief now are the best and the brightest. They will take with them their skills, their resources, their openness – these values, wealth and expertise that we need to be strong in the new Europe, whatever shape it takes.

Here,  in the islands in particular, we have the space – our population is a fraction of what it was a hundred years ago. We have the land, buildings that can be rebuilt, hearth stones that can see fire again.

People are starting to use poly tunnels to make land fertile again – the information technology that means networking and distance working is possible. The infrastructure collapses and we just start growing more potatoes, neeps and carrots, not exciting but we will get by.

Above all, we have peace and safety – this we have to share now.  None of this can or will be easy but we can do the nation building again – become something positive and wonderful.


Lots of people are writing about how to get a Scottish passport. Well, there is no such thing. We use the same EU passports as everyone else and are as committed to the free movement of peoples as the rest of the European Union.

in the referendums on our future since 1997, the voting criteria has been that all European Union citizens had a say, and this was extended to those above 16.

In 2014, it was clear that everyone who was on the voting role could become a citizen. I see no reason to think that anything would be different now. To be part of Scotland’s future, we don’t care about who your grandparents were, but about you, and that you are prepared to make the commitment to the country to live here.

The Scottish independence referendum was a festival of politics compared with the horrorshow of Brexit.

Iain Macwhirter

Nicola Sturgeon’s decision to forswear political opportunism and campaign for remaining in the European Union has been vindicated by the horror show taking place south of the border. Never has the gulf in political culture between Scotland and England been so wide as in the past week, as the row over immigration overwhelmed the EU debate – complete with overtly racist imagery in the infamous Brexit poster.

And lest anyone claim this is in itself a racialist comment on the character of English people let me say right away there is nothing in the Scots’ DNA that immunises them from racial intolerance. Indeed, there is evidence the very absence of black and brown faces in Scotland has led to some prejudicial sentiments going unchallenged in the past. No – it is not the English are different, it is that Scottish politics and history are different.

Racism and immigration are not…

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In mourning for Britain. Woe upon us. Help us Europe.

Woe upon us.

Many of us thought this would happen – that the only way we could ensure staying in Europe was to vote independence. This was the huge scare that was held over our heads.

This is the worst day I have seen in politics.

We have seen reckless people destroy our democracy. A minority have threatened the peace of Europe – the consensus that kept that the far-right under  control is now gone – all over the Continent the neofascists will be looking out of their rat-holes and pushing back the tomb stones.

We cannot stay in the United Kingdom. It is not united anymore. Those who told us we had the same values and concerns as people throughout the rest of the country lied – or worse still, they were incompetent.

Now, our future is dependent on the leaders of Europe. Please help us stay. Angela Merkel, please help Scotland, help us work together for a united, free and strong Europe. We have made our democratic will clear, we want to work with you and your colleagues.

Look away now if easily offended… | Scotto Voce

Look away now if easily offended…Posted on 10/06/2016 by David SteeleThe reaction on Twitter last night to Nicola Sturgeon’s appearance on the ITV EU debate was quite telling.  It seems that there are some, actually quite a lot of people in the UK who don’t like to see lying politicans getting owned.  Here’s a lovely sample of the patriotic ‘Brits’ for you to enjoy.  Look away now if you’re easily offended:

Source: Look away now if easily offended… | Scotto Voce

Max – A Celebration| St John’s Smith Square

IMG_0464Max’s 4 publishers, his agents and some of his closest colleagues have put together a program to celebrate his life. It looks astonishing. The first piece to be played is the piece he was working on when he died. It is not completed and yet it is. He said about it to me, about two days before he died, ‘it is about changing identity, the music becomes silence, it vanishes into the silence.

In the nature of things, there will be many people who should have been invited who have not been – please circulate this and come – it is helpful if tickets are booked in advance to help us with numbers.


This Celebration is an opportunity for all to pay their respects to this remarkable man of our times, composer and communicator.

Source: | St John’s Smith Square

Behn Quartet
Centre for Young Musicians Chamber Choir
Lynda Richardson       conductor
Maxwell Davies       String Quartet Movement 2016
Maxwell Davies       Seven Brightnesses
Maxwell Davies       Lullabye for Lucy
Maxwell Davies       The Golden Solstice
Maxwell Davies       Farewell to Stromness

Sir Peter Maxwell Davies died on 14 March 2016. The concert will consist of chamber and choral music, including two new works, The Golden Solstice and String Quartet Movement 2016, led by the Centre for Young Musicians Chamber Choir, conducted by Lynda Richardson, and the Behn Quartet, plus spoken tributes. Speakers will include Sir Antonio Pappano, Professor Robert Saxton, Sally Beamish and Giuseppe Rebecchini.

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