We’ve Held the Beachhead – Let’s Push On!

Butterfly Rebellion

Scotland, for the first time since the Jacobite Rising of 1745, is having a formative role in the direction of London politics. Right across England the prospect of Westminster’s so-called Union coming to an end is of more concern to the average voter than all the fear that has been conjured up over the Brexit. In no small part this was due to another ’45, our referendum. Yet, despite the first round of Project Fear – which is now being deployed against the English – and the ruthless and unrelenting media campaign against independence in 2014, something else has contributed to London’s present anxiety over us, that we have established and held on to a beachhead that is moving our nation closer to freedom.

Reading that Scottish Labour has “overtaken the Scottish Conservatives” in the polls is a testament to the power of the desire for change that has…

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