Until all are free, we are all enslaved.

Xulhaz Mannan – martyred today for LGBT freedom.

The editor of the only  gay rights magazine in Bangladesh was murdered today along with a friend in his own home.

Bastards broke into his house and slaughtered them both with machetes.

Xulahaz Mannan and his friend Tanay Mojumdar are the latest victims of IS.

Its not that long ago since something very similar almost happened to me in Britain at the hands of thugs who did not need religion to underline what they did.

launchAs long as Christians, Muslims and other monotheists debate the full humanity of LGBT people, they put us all at risk. They give licence to those who would torture and enslave us. Religion has provided them with underpinning for centuries.

As members of the worldwide LGBT community we have our martyrs.  We have our heroes. The fight is world wide and will not cease till all of us are free.


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