Ken Livingstone gets the history wrong on anti-semitism and Hitler – CapX

One of the things that has annoyed me most during this campaign is the  word ‘tribal’ being tossed around. I am not a life long nat – no, I used to be committed Labour as were all my familiar before me.  One of the people who encouraged me to leave the party was Ken Livingstone – his behaviour as London Mayor was frequently disgusting – justifying corruption and saying that anyone who opposed thugs like Lee Jasper was racist. L

Cap X reports below on how Livingstone has been suspended (yet again) from the Labour party for yet another in a life time of anti-semitic comments.


Ken Livingstone’s characteristically outrageous intervention in the debate over anti-Semitism in the Labour Party – denying it existed while simultaneously proving that it does – was wrong on all sorts of levels, but one of them was in his grotesque mangling of the historical record. “Let’s remember when Hitler won his election in 1932,” he told BBC Radio London, “his policy was then that Jews should be moved to Israel.”

Source: Ken Livingstone gets the history wrong on anti-semitism and Hitler – CapX

“Queer Bashing” – by the Orkney Vole – launched tomorrow 7pm Town Hall Stromness


“Queer Bashing” gets a do on Friday 29th April in the Stromness Town Hall. We had hoped to do it in January but Peter Maxwell Davies‘  illness made it impossible. He saw the book just after it was published and wrote in his diary,’

“The more I think of Tim’s book the more I appreciate what the gesture means – quite apart from the the quality of the prose &the richness of imagination – this description by the victim of a queer bashing is NEW (always hitherto pale in comparison””

Until all are free, we are all enslaved.

Xulhaz Mannan – martyred today for LGBT freedom.

The editor of the only  gay rights magazine in Bangladesh was murdered today along with a friend in his own home.

Bastards broke into his house and slaughtered them both with machetes.

Xulahaz Mannan and his friend Tanay Mojumdar are the latest victims of IS.

Its not that long ago since something very similar almost happened to me in Britain at the hands of thugs who did not need religion to underline what they did.

launchAs long as Christians, Muslims and other monotheists debate the full humanity of LGBT people, they put us all at risk. They give licence to those who would torture and enslave us. Religion has provided them with underpinning for centuries.

As members of the worldwide LGBT community we have our martyrs.  We have our heroes. The fight is world wide and will not cease till all of us are free. — a site dedicated to prescinding the acceptance of the Holy Bible as truth.


to advocate against the widespread acceptance of the story of Jesus Christ as written in the Holy Bible;to advocate prescinding the infiltration of Biblical conscience into law and the courts;

to reveal and expose the absurdity of the supernatural claims of the scriptures of the Holy Bible;

to prevent the loss of human energy being wasted through religious practice resulting from the interpretation of the text of the Holy Bible;

to prevent further justification of actions causing death and destruction from those in power of whom abuse the widespread acceptance of the Holy Bible as truth;

to rally the support of reasonable thinking people into bringing about a paradigm shift regarding the support for Biblical indoctrination of children and adults;

to hold the Church accountable for their wrong doings;

to eliminate tax relief provided to the Church for spreading untrue and absurd supernatural claims;

to save individuals from grief and misery resulting from their acceptance of false information proselytized by the Church;

to redirect human energy from religious practice to reason-based societal and environmental efforts;

to create a clearing for world peace by eliminating religious conflict–a major contributor to wars;

Source: — a site dedicated to prescinding the acceptance of the Holy Bible as truth.

LibDems Suspend Thanet Candidate Over Dodgy Donations |Guido Fawkes

Last night Channel 4 further explored allegations of Tory election expense fiddles, interviewing angry LibDems in the South West who claimed it played a part in their wipeout there. Well it appears the LibDems themselves have some questions to answer…Guido understands the party has suspended its parliamentary candidate for Thanet North from their candidates list. George Cunningham faces a string of allegations of impropriety, including claims that he attempted to bring in donations from abroad during the general election campaign. Cunningham is the chair of Brussels & Europe LibDems…The irregularities were noticed by his agent who kicked off a long “review” process that eventually saw Cunningham struck off the list controlled by LDHQ’s Candidates Office. He denies the allegations and has launched an appeal, which will be heard on Friday 13 May. What is it with fiddles in Thanet?

Source: LibDems Suspend Thanet Candidate Over Dodgy Donations | Guido Fawkes

Nicola Sturgeon on Peter Maxwell Davies

img_046411The First Minister sent a condolence letter about Max to me through his agent – in all the things that have been happening it has only just been forwarded.

It would have made him very proud indeed – Ms Sturgeon said Max was “an inspiration throughout his life”- she particularly commented on his pioneering work with children and the sheer energy that led to the founding of the Saint Magnus Festival.

I am thrilled that the Head of Government wrote to us, honoured beyond words. Max was working class from Salford but enjoyed his knighthood and other honours in a way that only a Socialist who had famously been republican could.

He would have enjoyed me seeing this letter on the day of the Queen’s birthday – he loved her sincerely and was thrilled she accepted the dedication of his last major work as a gift  to mark her turning 90. It was one of the events that brightened his last few days.

The piece, a children’s opera, called ‘the Hogboon’ will be premiered in London at the Barbican in June. More information can be found here.


Carmichael let off – Ministers can lie as much as they like during the election campaign.

kj80lekrjwc0nqyxibaoGut response without time to process – Just had sight of the draft report from the Standards Commissioner in the House of Commons. No shock to see that Carmichael gets off on technicalities – she does not comment on his conduct.  Politicians lie, its what they do, we should get over it.

Well, this is not acceptable – if Liam Mcarthur our MSP thinks this appropiate then he has no place in political life. We need to be free of the standards of behaviour endorsed by his disgraceful and discredited party once and for all.

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Voles for Nicola!!! BothvotesSNP

Tactical voting is a waste of time – all it will do is help the ‘useful idiots’ needed by the Tories get in – aye, the Liberal Democrats and Labour are their fellow travellers – the reason why we have to live under austerity. The reason we are protected from the Bedroom Tax and other policies that Alistair Carmichael supported when he was in Government is the SNP.

Unionist allege mismanagement by the SNP – but our doctors are not threatening strike.

Schools are falling down that were built under finance arrangements put in place by Labour.

Tavish Scott used to be the Transport Minister – he is the guy who saddled us with these boats.

When we have independence then we can afford to vote for Green or for Rise, but until then – bothvotesSNP.