Smell the Labour and LibDem Toast

tns poll.jpg

New poll out today from TNS shows the SNP on the up, up, up despite all the noise about the Forth Road Bridge and all the claims that cracks are beginning to show and so on.

NO bridge over any of the unionist troubled waters at all.   For Labour – they are down 5% in the list and well the LibDems entire vote in both the list and the constituency are within the sampling margin of error – and this is the fightback!

In many other countries with proportional representation they would not get anyone elected at all – none – an extra parliamentary future awaits them – and this they deserve for having fewer principles than any of the rest. At least we know where the Tories are coming from. No one can be suprised at their policies and Labour sold out long ago.

This is not about a one party state emerging but about a breakdown in confidence in the old parties of government – Labour mismanaged prosperity and the Tories are crucifying us with austerity. The Liberal Democrats will go with anyone who will give them a job.

SO the party must hold on to every voter it has here in the islands if it is to keep any shred of credibility at all (which is rather generous of me in saying it has any left.)

Here in Orkney, Liam’s Liberals are out in force thrusting leaflets through every available door. Strangely, they don’t mention a certain Carmichael at all in them – talk about rebranding – and all straight from the party rule book on how to win elections.

Remember to ask Liam if his promises are political or personal. Its good to know in advance, just to check. I am sure he will not take it to heart at all!




2 thoughts on “Smell the Labour and LibDem Toast

  1. fionamgrahame December 22, 2015 / 10:09 pm

    The Fib Dems don’t have ‘activists’ left in Orkney & Shetland. I think they are paying to get all these leaflets delivered. And are they not printed in Glasgow?


    • The Vole December 22, 2015 / 10:26 pm

      paying to get them delivered??? wow!! I suppose they are cold nights really and there are appalling voles lurking in burrows ready to leap out and tug shoe laces.

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