Is @tavishscott the Orkney Vole in disguise?

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 23.29.53

Zara, the Shetland Selkie, sent this through to me last night.

‘Rumbled’, she said, ‘I knew it was a plot. The Orkney 4 are a sham. You are Tavish Scott. This whole campaign has been a conspiracy to get rid of AC so that you would benefit. You want to go to Westminster and have some nice lunches’

I protested my innocence vociferously,   ‘I am am honest Vole from Stromness, I have no personal ambitions.’

‘Then explain this’ she demanded, ‘as its from the LibDem’ website, it must be true! – Here is the very link

Tavish Scott is not the Orkney Vole.

I  scurried online as fast as my hot little paws could take me.  I saw my human’s name ‘Tim’ there.  I realised at once what was really going on.

‘Zara, there are other Tims in the world. Perhaps he wants anyone who has a problem with Tim Farron to go and speak to him.’

‘That would be quite a queue.’

‘Indeed, I am glad that someone is going to tackle the problems the LibDems are facing. – I am sick and tired of people making fun of them. Minority groups should not be persecuted.’

And with that I hung the phone up.

2 thoughts on “Is @tavishscott the Orkney Vole in disguise?

  1. charlesobrien08 February 8, 2016 / 1:33 pm

    I hope come May no Lib-Dem gets voted in,mainly for their support of the liar Carmichael they deserve to go down with him a shame I suppose for some of them but they still have time to speak out about him.


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