J-Voice: Pegida & Anti-Muslim groups are a great Danger to the Jewish Community

Pegida & Anti-Muslim groups pose a great danger to the Jewish Communityby Shlomo Anker (December 2015) The Jewish community has always suffered the knock on affects of Islamophobia. A rise in hatred towards Muslims always seems to later hurt the Jewish community. Yet this has taken a turn for the worse with the launch of Pegida UK, the British branch of the anti-Muslim group from Germany. Pegida UK’s popularity has increased in recent weeks with former-EDL leader, Tommy Robinson, joining their group, causing them to receive heavy publicity on the TV and in Newspapers.

Source: J-Voice: Pegida & Anti-Muslim groups are a great Danger to the Jewish Community

2 thoughts on “J-Voice: Pegida & Anti-Muslim groups are a great Danger to the Jewish Community

  1. leavergirl December 14, 2015 / 5:48 pm

    I heard differently. People in Sweden, particularly in Malmo, where immigrants from Africa and Middle East form a majority now, report Jews are fleeing because of sharply rising anti-semitism and concerns with safety. Sounds like Jews get it from both sides?


  2. leavergirl January 7, 2016 / 1:31 am

    My dear voles. This post of yours has been weighing on my mind for some time. You are champions of truthfulness over lies. Please look into these allegations more carefully. There are many reports of Jews being besieged, even fleeing, from high-Arab areas, in France. In Sweden. There are many reports. Here is one.

    Please don’t blame Pegida for this. I am no spring chicken, and I remember many Arab attacks against Jews and hatred against Israel, so this is all not surprising me. It should not surprise you either. And please pay attention to what is currently happening in Germany with mass attacks against women. Maybe someone will try to blame Pegida too… the mayor of Cologne has already tried to put the blame on the abused women themselves in a shameless show of callousness.

    May truth prevail! Happy new year to all furry champions of honesty!


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