Will Carmichael pay the costs of the Inquiry now.

“A point to raise in public discussion: the petitioners are going to have to fund, Carmichael’s expenses, but the taxpayer is left carrying the burden of the 1.5 million enquiry that preceded the case, all of which would have been unnecessary if Carmichael had admitted lying at that stage.”

commentator on the Indiegogo website

The second stage of the leak inquiry – the time consuming bit when half the Scottish Office was interviewed to see who was responsible –  was only necessary because Mr. Carmichael lied to it in the questionnaire sent out – his answers were dishonest. If he had told the truth a great deal of money would have been saved by a lot of people.

He says he is going to pursue us for costs.

We know the figure of £1.4 million has been raised again and again. Not being privy to  the Government accounts, I have no idea what the whole business cost, but why should the tax payer have to pay for the consequences of his misbehaviour. Mr. Carmichael should be culpable.

He is being rewarded for his lies now through his salary- the fruits of the election he successfully manipulated through dishonesty – this kind of penalty that would at least seem him not profiting financially from his behaviour would seem apt.

3 thoughts on “Will Carmichael pay the costs of the Inquiry now.

  1. Alistair December 10, 2015 / 8:40 am

    What you have done is important and worthwhile. Many stand with you. Many of us will also help financially. I hope there is no need for you to fear for the future.

    Will he press for costs? Yes he will. He’s a nasty man with no sense of propriety. Will he be held to account for the costs? Probably not but he’s now elected but unelectable, a stain on the integrity and reminder for all of us of the failures of Westminster and its career politicians. More voters come to the indy side by his actions and by yours.

    Thanks and regards


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