Stop Worshipping ‘Centrist’ Voters – They Are Responsible For Britain’s Woes

Aye, where is that ‘centre’ indeed – a certain party almost disappeared because they wanted to be the heart and brain of other people … zombie politics.

Semi-Partisan Politics

Swing Voters - Couch Potato - 2

First published at the Conservatives for Liberty blog

What exactly constitutes the political centre, anyway? Is it even a real thing? And why are we so in thrall to something so vague and ill-defined?

The political centre ground: people talk about it all the time. It is meant to represent the silent majority, that great conclave of wise and sage-like citizens who – unlike us hotheated partisan folk with our strong beliefs and awkward ideals – remain serenely above the political fray, calmly and methodically weighing competing policies against each another before arriving at their pragmatic, irreproachable voting decision on polling day.

Every British political party leader since Thatcher left office has been in hot pursuit of the political centre ground, happily throwing established party orthodoxy and revolutionary thinking alike out the window, preferring to court the good opinion of people who took a good look at Labour’s managed decline of…

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