Zara, the Selkie in solidarity with the people of Paris

Faroese_stamp_580_the_seal_womanZARA, the well known Selkie and  our Shetland correspondent writes

The terrorist attacks last night in Paris have shocked me over 120 people who where just enjoying a night out, a drink in bar , a meal , going to a concert or watching a football match have been murdered. I do not feel safe if attacks like this can happen where next London, Edinburgh or even Kirkwall.

The Threat posed by Islamic extremism is unlike any other encountered before they can’t be negotiated with they want nothing that can be given to them, they want nothing less than to bring the entire world to their way of seeing the world and to so by fear and death.

 All religious extremists have one thing in common its enough enough for them to believe and to archive the salvation they think is coming, they must save us all from ourselves even by breaking the most basic principles of the faiths they hold.

 The freedom to choose is at the basis of our way of life to live as we wish unless doing so brings harm on another person this is what Islamic State seek to destroy as they try and restore a Caliphate that never existed in way they believe. 

Religion should be a wholly personal thing, It is not a matter for others what we believe it should not influence government policy in anyway, that being said we should ignore the fact that the threat is Islamic in nature just because its uncomfortable to say this and it might offend moderate muslins, these attacks should more than offend them it should make any reasonable person not want to share the same faith as these murders and if his teaching do truly inspire this well I think the Prophet Mohamed damnation be upon him would be more fitting.

My thoughts go out to the people of Paris and their friends and family.

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

Zara, the Shetland Selkie

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