Little voles only say sorry when they mean it – who will tell that to Alistair Carmichael?

campaing cropped
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Granny Vole, always told me only to say sorry if I meant it and was not going to do it again. Mr. Carmichael’s supporters don’t seem to believe this.

Mr. Carmichael wrote to Ms. Sturgeon on the 22nd May,

“I accept that its publication was a serious breach of protocol and that the details of that account are not correct.”

He added: “I am clear that this was an error of judgment on my part and wish to offer you my sincere apologies for the embarrassment caused to you and the French ambassador.”

Full and without reservation?????? The apology that appeared in ‘the Orcadian’

The details were incorrect. Enough said. It is no good shouting out all the time that other people do nasty things too. Of course they do, but we have to start where we can in addressing these issues.

Under our electoral law, the only people who can raise a complaint (petition) to get an election overturned are constituents. We have to do it within a very short time scale and lodge a large amount of security in the Court. The grounds on which this can be done are defined in law. The costs are incredible – no one is going to do this frivolously.

This legislation has been used twice in the last five years so it is hardly obscure, though unprecedented in recent times in Scotland – a mayor in Tower Hamlets was overthrown and the Liberal Democrats successfully brought a case against Phil Woollas; they set the precedent for what we are doing – that’s when Mr. Carmichael said the words that will follow him forever and appear on the strapline of our Indiegogo campaign, “the right to smear an opponent is not one we should be defending.”

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