Alistair Carmichael writes today in the Orcadian – “an unsustainable situation” – we agree – go with what little dignity you have left!



This headline appeared today in ‘the Orcadian’ over Carmichael’s fortnightly column. He was talking about assisted death. It is impossible to read this without thinking of the political situation he has landed himself in and then to not laugh. 

This is his problem, even when he is talking about the most serious subjects of all he has become  a joke. 

He walks into a room and says anything at all, his audience will need to know if he is talking politically or personally to gauge whether he should be believed – and don’t forget that is part of his defence. He is claiming that he is personally honest but tells political lies.

He did that to himself, without help from us. This has nothing to do with our legal case, even if we had not managed to get into court, he would still appear ridiculous this morning. He is not credible as our MP. He must stand down now. If he does, he may even be able to  be a candidate in the by-election, if he goes now.  

He is an inept politician – forgetting everything he done, his crowdfunder shows the weakness of his position – it has forced him to come clean that no one else is paying his bills and that he has almost no support – at least people prepared to put money into his fund. In 8 days he has only managed to raise £7,710 from just 168 people. His supporters have attacked us for allowing people from outside the constituency to contribute to the People versus Carmichael yet nearly everyone who has put their names to his fund are Liberal Democrat activists who live mostly in England.  Less than 20 (not 20%) of them are in Orkney and Shetland. He is relying on double standards to survive.  One of the reasons many activists on his own side think he should stay is that his party would lose his seat, they are putting their own interests before ours, the islanders. That is not acceptable. No one has the right to be an MP, no one deserves it.  He is not entitled. I think they are wrong. A credible local candidate could save the seat for them – Liam is the obvious choice, should he chose to leave our Parliament to serve in that discredited institution on the Thames. Danus will have my vote

His own party are not paying for his defence – Mr. Carmichael has refused to answer questions about who is paying his defence in the past.   One of the things caused worry about his crowd fund was that if his party or the State were paying his legal bills, this attempt to raise cash appeared fraudulent.  Her own ineptitude has  forced Ms Ritchie to be clear about what he has to do – she said,

“Winning this ridiculous case has been the least of his worries – paying for it has been. Don’t be fooled by baseless claims and attacks. Alistair must find the money to pay for this case. The liability is his and his alone.”

The State won’t pay. It appears that as Mr. Carmichael was in breach of the Ministerial Code of Ethics, he has accepted this by declining his severance pay, that the Cabinet Office will not fund his defence. Because he has acted unethically, his employers did not have to support him.

He does not accept the seriousness of what he has done.  Again Ms. Ritchie, “

Many people out there know that this challenge is baseless, but Alistair must defend it regardless. Not admitting he knew what his SPAD had done was a mistake that did not influence his election in Orkney and Shetland.”

So his supporters are still blaming the staff. Mr. Carmichael is responsible for his actions and those of his team. This was not a wheeze or a jape but a serious attempt to attack opponents  using cabinet secrets that caused a diplomatic incident.

He still tells lies – he has not learned. He thinks opposition to him is wicked and conspiratorial. Again and again, he and his supporters state that we are partof a “a ruthless attempt to eliminate any remaining opposition to the SNP in Scotland. “  They even put it in bold type on the website which he has endorsed. .  We have asked Ms. Ritchie again and again to change the wording to something that is both honest and less inflammatory.

None of this is to do with the merits of the case. This is all about his behaviour since the hearings – about the tone of the language that he has endorsed from his supporters and what he himself has admitted. If we lose, and of course we may, then he must still resign.

We deserve better.

4 thoughts on “Alistair Carmichael writes today in the Orcadian – “an unsustainable situation” – we agree – go with what little dignity you have left!

  1. jdman September 18, 2015 / 8:13 am

    we’ve got you back, can he really rely on the lib dems to perpetually have his,
    be afraid Alistair be VERY afraid,
    just how lucky do you feel punk?


  2. kenny October 2, 2015 / 8:50 pm

    Nothing about Michelle Thomson here then?….Surely her CRIMES are worthy of more mention than a leaked memo?….But hey, I don’t expect you lot to actually face up to the fact that your SNP are filled to the hilt with lies and deceit. Each day brings more skeletons out of the SNP closet. Should I add in also the fact that the SNP were modelled on Hitler’s vision of a socialist state. I’ll also add in that only two UK political parties were vocal in their support of Hitler when he began his European holiday in 1936, Plaid Cymru and can you guess who the other one was? I’ll give you a clue, it was the Scottish fella, the leader of a certain Scottish socialist party (oops, let the cat out of the bag there) who sent his condolences to the German embassy in Ireland upon Hitler’s death….Makes you think, doesn’t it?….


    • The Vole October 2, 2015 / 8:54 pm

      What would you have us say? We print your comment and support your campaigning.

      We clean up the byre, one stall at a time – we are AC constituents and we want him to go. Her constituents have to organise – refer her to the House Standards committee for a start.


      • The Vole October 2, 2015 / 8:58 pm

        One other point – AC may well have committed several crimes – the police are investigating him and if we win, this case could well be passed to the procurator fiscal. Thomson is no longer an SNP MP. Carmichael is clinging to office by the skin of his teeth.


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