Scotland and the Corbyn Labour Revolution

Butterfly Rebellion

Britain has a new and serious threat to national security and the welfare of your family! Jeremey Corbyn’s runaway victory of the Labour Party leadership contest certainly has David Cameron in a fluster, but then, according to the Tories, Britain is faced with so many threats that we can’t be sure how exactly to take his hysterical outburst on social media about Labour’s new leader. It can only reassure us that Cameron’s alarmist remarks – placing the new leader of the opposition up there with Osama Bin Laden and Jimmy Savile – were met with a healthy mixture of mirth and condemnation. Not nearly enough people take David Cameron seriously enough for us to take seriously. The reality is that Cameron and his ilk have become complacent after almost two decades of Thatcher’s greatest success; a neo-conservative lapdog parody of Socialism known as New Labour and its progeny. Corbyn’s promise…

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