Crowdfunding campaign raises embarrassingly small amounts of cash for Alistair Carmichael. Smears its opponents.

367149-carmichaelA crowd funding campaign set up to help pay Alistair Carmichael’s legal expenses has failed in its crucial first 24 hours to raise any significant cash.

This is in marked contrast to our success when we started the legal case against him. On their first day they managed £2,255, we got over £20k.

Mr. Carmichael does have supporters it appears, just not very many, and not ones with deep pockets. We were worried that wealthy friends may bail him out but no chance! ‘Maclom Bruice’ put in £50.00 and the wife of one peer, £100. One of his most vocal supporters in Orkney contributed a whopping £30.00. Carmichael must be worth less to him than a few bottles of wine and a meal. That’s friendship for you.

The fund was set up by one Sheila Ritchie. Its campaign page is beyond satire. Best to quote it in full  (forgive me for not linking)

“Everyone in the Northern Isles knows someone who Alistair has helped, and he has fought so hard for his constituents.

During the election he made a mistake which the SNP has blown out of all proportion. They are using a vague law to try and overturn the election result, even though what he did is not related at all to his hard work on behalf of his constituents. This is nothing more than a ruthless attempt by the SNP to eliminate any remaining opposition to them in Scotland. Alistair is a fantastic local MP, and we need to stand up for him now.

He has told me that his defence will cost £50,000. That’s a lot of money.”

Now, we are not ashamed of our politics -but this is not an SNP plot. I wish it was but my colleagues have not yet seen the Nationalist light. They persist in supporting the Greens and even Labour. They consider Ms. Ritchie’s statement to be defamatory and want the page removed or changed. I assume that Mr. Carmichael does not support these slurs and will distance himself from them. Presumably, he would chose not to accept money raised in such a dishonest way.

Evil Nationalists plotting to take over the country

Sheila does not tell us her politics but according to Caron Lindsay of Liberal Democrat Voice she is a life long friend of Carmichael and  did the Go Sober campaign him (I will do just about anything to beat him) and managed to raise £6,000 for good causes, a huge effort for both of them and something to be congratulated about.She nominated the Lib Dem candidate who lost a safe seat to Alex Salmond.

So this campaign page is full of smears about us spread by a person with a grudge.

The repetitions of these unfounded claims are typical of the supporters of a political party which seems to think it can say and do anything to get power – who thinks one morality is permissible for their private lives and another for their political. The major defence that its activists shout out with increasing hysteria is that others tell lies too.

Well, that is not good enough. We know that politics is corrupt and full of liars. That is the reason we have started this campaign and want to carry it through to its conclusion. No more.

The Indiegogo campaign site ‘The People versus Carmichael” is still up and running – we are hoping that the case will be resolved in our favour on the basis of the last couple of days in the Court of Session but we do not know. A further hearing may still be necessary. Thank you for everything you have done so far and please remember us when you get paid next!

4 thoughts on “Crowdfunding campaign raises embarrassingly small amounts of cash for Alistair Carmichael. Smears its opponents.

  1. Wes Wemyss September 9, 2015 / 9:48 pm

    Sheila Ritchie is a former Lib Dem councillor on Gordon District Council.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sooz September 10, 2015 / 3:05 pm

    Surprised a lawyer is flinging about terms like “SNP witch hunt”. I suppose it’s difficult to read the papers when you’re blinded by bloodshot rage.

    Carry on, folks. Supporting you to the end.


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