Alistair Carmichael and food banks

We all know what has happened with food banks in the UK since the austerity cuts began under the Coalition. Even Alistair Carmichael admitted there was a link between benefit sanctions and reliance on food banks. We do not believe they should be needed in a civilised country and are so sad that our own MP was part of the Government that has made them a necessity. This is why we think it appropriate to pass on to them any surplus money raised by the crowdfunding campaign that is requesting the courts  to declare his election null and void.

So money will not be wasted – since the article published by Bella Caledonia carrying an update appeared last night (August 20th)  £4,000 extra cash has been donated and more is coming in every couple of minutes-  we are very, very grateful for the support that helps build our determination to bring matters to a decent conclusion as soon as possible.

You can contribute here. Together, we will reclaim our polity and make sure that our politicians are no less honest than anyone else.

Scottish Review: Ron Ferguson on Alistair Carmichael – Clinging to the wreckage

Tim Morrison

“I can still remember the excitement of that evening. I was in Jim and Rosie Wallace’s flat in Edinburgh when the Lib Dem troops came back from the first night of negotiations with a view to forming a coalition partnership with Labour, following the first-ever elections for a new Scottish Parliament in May 1999.

The Liberal Democrats, I would argue, have been good for Scotland. Their claim that they offered something different was not an outrageous one. Now, though, the Scottish Lib Dems are in shock. And they are not handling it well. The Orkney and Shetland constituency had been solid Liberal territory since the time Jo Grimond was in his pomp. It has been the Liberal Democratic jewel in Scotland’s political crown. Whatever troubles the party had in the rest of Scotland, Orkney and Shetland could be depended upon to deliver a succession of Lib Dem MPs, and latterly…

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The Long Night of the Vole – and the approach of Carmichael Day in the Court of Session

albino_rodent_by_hiddenmovesThe Vole has had to be quiet recently. No matter what the temptations are, and they have been considerable, I have had to haud ma wheesht. It has not been easy;  even my sarcasm availed me not when I saw BroonPants telling people not to support Jezza Corbyn. The idea that anyone cares about the Great Economist’s views is just sweet. I mean, he was so good at saving Scottish Labour and just so brilliant at winning elections that he has just got to be right this time!

 Trouble is that we have had trouble in the burrow. The dear wife and bairn are both fine, but our great uncle Cedric is rather poorly and is needing our attention and has to be our priority at the moment- this mean that we have been away and having to scavenge for sclatero broth, sheep dung tea and all the other little necessities that we have to provide ourselves rather than trusting to the Vet.  So all this scurrying means that we have had to watch other folk being busy about the Big Day coming. Our team here in the islands is just fantastic, lots of passionate and committed people working very hard indeed because  the 7th of September getting close! Mr Carmichael’s lawyers will have to make his case for him before the judges on all the issues. We are looking forward to it with calm anticipation – oh and if you have a few beans to put in the pot – we would be very grateful.