Orkney Vole denies rumours of secret meetings with Mickey and Minnie Mouse in run up to Carmichael hearings

Reports of drunken animals at Orkney sites have been denied by tourism organisers. 

‘Disney Magic’,  a cruise ship with  2,700 passengers and 950 ‘cast’ members arrived in Orkney earlier in the week amongst fervent local speculation of meetings between local vermin and American celebrity rodents.  

Cedric Vole has been heavily involved in the organisation of local mythological creatures in support of the crowdfunded campaign that will bring Mr. Carmichael to an Electoral Court in Edinburgh on the 7th and 8th of September. 

Mr. Vole issued a statement to the national press this morning, ‘My dear wife and I decided that, after taking advice from our legal team,  we were unable to invite the Disney comrades  to the Burnside Burrow. We appreciate that they are very disappointed but we will not engage in Mickey Mouse politics.” 

Reports of carousing by animated creatures at various local sites have been denied by tourism organisers who said, “The visit passed off very peaceably.  There were no arrests.”

Neither Michael nor Minnie Mouse were available for comment.

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