Scottish Politics and the silly season of constant bat-shittery.

Light In the North


Here we are, folks. We’ve entered the twilight zone. We’ve hit the warp drive. We’ve dove head first down the rabbit hole. We’re well and truly unplugged from the Matrix and the world doesn’t seem to be what we thought it was. It’s a little bit grim.

Yes! It can only mean summertime in Scottish politics! The time of year where our media outlets surpass themselves in their ability to cobble together news stories from shoelaces, tin cans, half-a-packet of Wotsits and old bits of plastic that were used to baby-proof the kitchen back in 1997. “The kitchen is baby-proof now? STURGEON MUST RESIGN!”

After the much-hyped storming of Westminster by the 56 newly-elected SNP MPs, seemingly the entirety of the Scottish political social media bubble seems to have had every ounce of humour and fun ripped from its grubby little cybernat hands (claws, probably).

It’s no surprise really. Looking…

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