Islander – Mercenary Airways.

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Loganair have put their company before the islands for far too long. Reliant on wealthy tourists who have enabled their monopoly over prices to continue. 


If I were to book a flight to Bangkok today from Aberdeen (£477) – a return day trip to Orkney from Aberdeen mid-season is marginally cheaper (£363) . This is COMPLETELY unacceptable and the unabated greed of this company has to be addressed. Something that should have been addressed 22 years ago, possibly more. I am an Orcadian and I am utterly ashamed of Loganair and indeed the council, it’s MPs and other people of affluence and influence who have done absolutely nothing to address this. It is a shame upon Orkney to be reflected by one company as an Isle of Greedy Businesses. To this note, it surprises me that we even have any sort of meaningful intake of flights. But beggars can’t be…

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