£60,174 raised in two weeks by “People versus Carmichael” #carmichaelmustgo

kj80lekrjwc0nqyxibaoTwo weeks ago when we started the crowd funder at Indiegogo it seemed reasonable to hope that we would have the £6000 needed to cover the surety by the time the petition had to be lodged in the Courts that Friday, reasonable but optimistic. So were astonished when it was raised on the first day. We hoped that we would be able to raise the full amount by the time the case came to court but as no one had ever tried to do this before, it felt, at least to some extent, rash.

How little we knew!

To have raised the full amount in 16 days is incredible. The speed of giving from such a large number of people itself became a news story and ensured that the campaign was mentioned even in the Financial Times and taken seriously. It has demonstrated the strength of public feeling about Mr. Carmichael’s position in the House of Commons, thousands of people putting their money where their mouth is.

The runaway success of this crowd fund shows that  people care about truth honesty and cleaning up politics. You have given us the ability to try to use the only legal opportunity that we have to challenge an MP.

The amount of trust placed in us is incredible. To most of you, we are strangers and to give hard earned cash to people of whom you know nothing is wonderful.  Every individual donation is important because it is an indication of a real person giving what they can for something they believe in and want to happen. We feel very humbled and will do everything possible to make sure the resources are well used.

We have to keep the fund open because  we do not know what is going to happen. Mr. Carmichael has  as of yet made no public statement about his position nor has the Liberal Democrat party. It is likely that he will be responding to the petition in the Court of Session today.   The case will go to trial now unless Mr Carmichael resigns or accepts a peerage. This means we may have to come back again asking you for more money as we are personally liable for all the expenses of the case if judgement goes against us. On the comments page on the site it has been very made clear to us by many people that nothing bad is going to be allowed to happen to us. I have complete trust in those promises.

2 thoughts on “£60,174 raised in two weeks by “People versus Carmichael” #carmichaelmustgo

  1. Jen Boam June 9, 2015 / 5:04 pm

    We will support you.


  2. leavergirl June 9, 2015 / 8:45 pm

    Well done! 🙂


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