The Tory Shield?

Orcadian small mammals are increasing in social media! All power to the whiskers.

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Dinde Bouclier!

A speculation has been uttered on at least two occasions with the unfurling of the Frenchgate Saga. The former First Minister, Alex Salmond braved this potentially libellous point some small months ago, much to the consternation of Westminster. As did, the most estimable, Derek Bateman, who provided greater clarity over Mr Mundell’s potential role is what is transpiring to be one of the most momentous scandals in recent years for the UK government.

An opinion, based on hypothesis and educated guesses, also held by this Mole. It is hard to accept, or even believe that the decision to release the memo was purely a decision made by one man and his special advisor. It would be alarming to think that a release of such gravity could occur so casually within the Scottish Office and at such a crucial time – if this is truly the case, then surely it requires a…

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