Standing up for our rights in a small community – the reality of intimidation in Orkney and Shetland #carmichaelmustgo

The petitioners on Stromness pier just before the storm.
The petitioners on Stromness pier just before the storm.

Orkney is a wonderful place to live. It is the home of the Vole, a fine place to burrow away but it can be hard to stand up for your rights in a small place where employment opportunities are limited and grudges can last for a long time.

We have been called all sorts of things, brown shirts, Fascists, lynch mobs, traitors to the islands and so on but the truth is that we are not the powerful people in this community. Here the wealthy tend to be Liberal Democrats and they have a lot of resources – power that they use to entrench their opinion by making sure that we do not raise our heads above the parapets. They have over the last 50 years tried to claim that their politics are synonymous with island identity. To challenge it is to be disloyal, bad for the tourist trade. This is the post that will provoke the most response because it challenges the idea that there is no place finer than here, especially on a fine day.

This is one email I was sent today – the sender wants to be anonymous for obvious reasons.  I know the person but not well and am astonished at her trusting me so much.

“If it is you who has launched the legal bid to test the legitimacy of Carmichael’s election last month, then I would like to thank you and all your more visually apparent supporters for standing up for due process, for our democratic rights, truthful governance and freedom of speech.

There is plenty of local support for your actions and not just from SNP voters – many Lib Dem supporters are also outraged at his lack of liberal and democratic substance.

Since my employer is a staunch NO voter can you please keep this email entirely confidential whether I have the right Tim Morrison or not. If I have the wrong Tim then please also understand that this is just as expression of support for the legitimate and democratic process of legal testing and not a nationalist or SNP campaign for this constituency.

I wrote back and asked permission to quote and this is the answer I received.

It is a crying shame but ultimately I risk too much for my family to speak out myself and that’s how power and corruption works – and it works most strongly in small communities no matter how good most folk are in that community and I speak even of the culpable. Dishonesty is deeply corrosive and can’t be accepted in any walk of public life.”

There is huge pressure every day on us to be quiet now. We will not. Donate to the campaign fund now, ‘The People versus Carmichael’

3 thoughts on “Standing up for our rights in a small community – the reality of intimidation in Orkney and Shetland #carmichaelmustgo

  1. mary Goodall June 1, 2015 / 9:41 pm

    I live in Glasgow. I used to be a Labour supporter for years. Then I woke up to the Corruption of Westminster. I believe at one time Alistair was an Honest Man. But he has lost all Integrity. He is now a man without Honour. He has not just let down the Lib Dems. But his Islands. There comes a point where you can recognise the Corruption of Westminster. There is more to this than just Alistair Carmichael. Clegg. Rennie. Mundell. And Westminster’s Government.have all been aware of this. Carmichael did not act alone. But he was not honest. When asked about it he Lied.mthen he repeated the lie. And cost U.S. TaxPayers a lot of Money. #CarmichealMustGo

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  2. John S. Stuart June 1, 2015 / 9:41 pm

    Reading the above; it has just struck me as how derisive this issue is to the whole Island community.

    This will effect oil-folk, it will affect fisher-folk.
    It will split communities, and result in “segregations” at school.

    This is your “Miner’s Strike” and will cast a long dark shadow which will haunt long after the media, the mainland and even after Carmichael himself has gone.

    Meanwhile the rift continues to escalate and will take a whole new generation of voters to clear up the mess, and that is before the cleansing process can even begin!

    Forget the present, and focus on the futures “greater” good.
    If ever there was a time for sacrifice – this is it.

    Alistair Carmichael needs to fall on his sword – NOW!


  3. ElaineS June 1, 2015 / 11:51 pm

    I admire you all so much and certainly am behind you on it for honesty and decency and for us having reached a stage of “enough is enough” of the rules for them and different rules for us. We’ve been asleep for a long time those of us who were previously not SNP but now we are awake and Scots will stand together regardless of what party we vote for with the hope that the honesty and decency of our SNP MSPs and MPs have shown over the last number of years is a chance for us to stand up and demand we get across the board honesty and decency of all politicians. After all, they are supposed to work for us, not the wealthy elite………the time for the wealthy to dictate to us is over, we owe it to our future generations. who the hell do those wealthy landowners etc think they are, they sure as hell may have more money than us but they lack badly on something most of us lowly people have……..honesty,decency and fairness. I’m now SNP after 40 years Labour, I will never return to party in my lifetime because with the few decades I may have left, Labour will not have returned to any honesty and decency as a leftwing party by then. I am happy to be with the only honest and decent party along with Scottish Greens there is. We grow thick skins and we learn endurance, we will not bow down to rotten and corrupt politicians anymore and those wealth landowners on the islands and Highlands can go take a jump! This is our country, for some landowners, its more our country than theirs……….they just happen to own big bits of it. There will be no more highland or any other clearances of working class and poor Scots,


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