First Hearing on the People versus Carmichael this Thursday!

petitioners 1
The four petitioners with the document that went to the Court of Session

The people behind the crowdfunding campaign for the legal case to hold Orkney and Shetland MP Alistair Carmichael accountable for his behaviour before, during and after the 2015 General Election campaign have thanked the thousands of donors who helped surpass the £60,000 target.

A total of £61,448 was donated over the month that The People Versus Carmichael fundraiser was on Indiegogo. Representing 102% of the target, the cash came from 3,968 individuals – averaging approximately £15.50 each.

The fundraiser, to allow the legal case under the Representation of the People Act 1983, closed just before the news came that the first stage of the case, which is being defended by the Liberal Democrat MP, will be called at the Court of Session next week. Continue reading

Scottish Politics and the silly season of constant bat-shittery.

Light In the North


Here we are, folks. We’ve entered the twilight zone. We’ve hit the warp drive. We’ve dove head first down the rabbit hole. We’re well and truly unplugged from the Matrix and the world doesn’t seem to be what we thought it was. It’s a little bit grim.

Yes! It can only mean summertime in Scottish politics! The time of year where our media outlets surpass themselves in their ability to cobble together news stories from shoelaces, tin cans, half-a-packet of Wotsits and old bits of plastic that were used to baby-proof the kitchen back in 1997. “The kitchen is baby-proof now? STURGEON MUST RESIGN!”

After the much-hyped storming of Westminster by the 56 newly-elected SNP MPs, seemingly the entirety of the Scottish political social media bubble seems to have had every ounce of humour and fun ripped from its grubby little cybernat hands (claws, probably).

It’s no surprise really. Looking…

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Being pecked to death by an angry chicken

Aye – the Dug barks true.

Wee Ginger Dug

Yesterday the Sunday Herald did something that no other newspaper in the UK has ever done before – it carried an article exposing the online activities of the numerous Unionist Twitter trolls. The mainstream media has until now ignored the swearing, threats and abuse originating from those who support the Union, preferring to concentrate on the portrayal of independence supporters as the agents of an evil nationalist cult, beardy blue face painted Minions in kilts but without the movie deal. While I am glad that a major publication has finally pointed out the obvious – that people are rude on the Internet – I can’t help but thinking that it’s all a bit petty.

Well I say “a bit”, which is like say that the Labour party in Scotland and dinosaurs are a bit extinct, or that Gordon Matheson is a bit of a car park attendant. But seriously, why…

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Scotland Office refuses to name who else saw memo alleging Sturgeon wanted Cameron as PM | Herald Scotland

Article in  today’s Herald – Tom Gordon trying to find out  who knew what and when – surprise surprise, the Scottish Office won’t say.

‘The memo, which wrongly suggested Nicola Sturgeon wanted David Cameron to remain Prime Minister, was leaked to the press in the general election campaign by the then LibDem Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael and his special adviser Euan Roddin.

Carmichael, who initially denied all knowledge of the leak, is now the subject of a civil court action trying to have his election as MP for Orkney & Shetland overturned.

Using Freedom of Information law, the Sunday Herald asked the Scotland Office for the names of the ministers, special advisers and officials who received the note.

Critically, this would have shown whether Downing Street was in the loop before the memo was leaked to the Daily Telegraph at the start of April.

However the Scotland Office refused to reveal the government distribution list on the grounds that it was “personal information”.

In a response issued last week, it acknowledged there was a public interest in the greater understanding of the role of public servants in “historic events”

via Scotland Office refuses to name who else saw memo alleging Sturgeon wanted Cameron as PM | Herald Scotland.

The American tea of politics

Welcome home Pooch

Wee Ginger Dug

Well that’s me home now. Big thanks to Macart and all the people who published guest posts during my absence and kept the shop open. I appreciate it immensely. I forgot my phone charger so decided just to switch it off when leaving Heathrow and spent the entire holiday incommunicado. On reflection, that was a better idea. Being disconnected from electronic devices meant I was really able to relax and forget about everything. But I’m back now, refreshed and opinionated as ever.

I had a wonderful time in Boston, doing all the usual touristy stuff. It’s an easy city to discover on foot. The food was great, I’ve now acquired a new love for Vietnamese food. I met up with an old friend and had a fantastic time with him. He’s the self-confessed world’s worst tour guide, but great company, and didn’t even complain when I insisted on dragging him…

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Orkney Vole excluded from Scottish Labour Cybernat list! #clypegate

Scottish Labour Headquarters

Today, I have been in a vile mood and off my food. Even  Mrs Vole noticed and was kind enough to inquire after my health. 

‘What the f** is wrong with you, you wee ball of furry g* s*?’

I smiled and replied that I was not so much indisposed as dissatisfied with the quality of my lunch. She laughed in her good natured way and reached for the frying pain.

Feeling nervous, I moved to reassure her swiftly. From under the table I said, ‘I was teasing my Beloved. The louse soufflé was as luscious as ever. Your sharn cocktails have no equal. My problem is this, I have not been noticed by those who matter. No one cares about my jokes.’ 

‘By whom? I can think of a few people who would be glad if you kept your mouth for good and I know just how they feel’

‘The Scottish  Labour  Party do not think I am offensive enough to qualify as a Cybernat.’

‘Both of them, what do you care about those insipid, rejected heaps of bonxie dung?’

‘They published a list of the worst Cybernats with pictures of their membership cards and I was not on it!’

‘Awww, you poor dear. I always said you were a useless toad licker. Your humour is so shite you could not even manage to hurt Eggie Morphy’s feelings.’

‘And he is so delicate. I had done my best but they just did not care. I have not even got the heart to try sticking pins into Kezzie Slugdale.’

My beloved patted my paw with her hammer, ‘Did anyone go for Ally Bally C?’

“Just one and all she had done was quote that Burns one’

‘Wee sleekit cowering…?”


‘The one about the Louse’

NO, it was the ‘Parcel of Rogues.’

La Vole looked puzzled ‘And that was meant to be offensive, well.. – we are bought and sold for English gold –  Simple statement of fact, I would have thought.’

Keep up with the times dear Prune, they used our money and our oil. They robbed us and only then sold us and besides we say nothing about Mr. Carmichael that he has not said about himself.

‘No dear, no, you must be good. We might be ‘sub joodishe.

‘I wonder who you have to insult to get on that Scottish list?’ 

‘That’s the problem. The Labour MP has no name recognition and who would give a tory promise for any of their MSPs.  And its just not nice to mock the afflicted anymore.’

‘And we must not speak ill of the political dead’

‘Indeed Dear, now could you let go of my whiskers please.’

My beloved immediately set me free as requested  and so restored marital harmony to the Burrow.

Twitter crimez of the evil Cybernatz exposed!

Twitter crimez of the evil Cybernatz exposed!

Saturday, 27 June 2015 15:09 | | |

By M Aye Fyffe, our National Security Consultant

The BBC has been passed a file containing a large number of rude and even disrespectful comments pertaining to various Unionist politicians.

The dossier, which was compiled by the Labour Party in Scotlandshire, is under embargo until tomorrow (Sunday). However, as the BBC is well known for being ahead of its time, we have decided to publish it today.

In its 51 pages, the document chronicles some of the most vile and despicable statements ever made on social media. These were all penned by Yes supporting members of the SNP, under the personal direction of ex-leader Alex Salmond.

Incredibly and undeservingly, the abuse is mainly aimed at Scottish Labour politicians and their friends in other parties, such as the leaders of the Scottish Conservatives and UKIP.


via Twitter crimez of the evil Cybernatz exposed!.

Labour Admit They Can’t Stop Tories Voting For Corbyn – Guido Fawkes

Mrs Vole read out to me over breakfast,

“Last week Labour sought to nip the #ToriesForCorbyn campaign in the bud by insisting everyone voting must “support the aims and values of the Labour Party and if they don’t then they won’t be allowed to take part”.

Since then, the only change made to the process has been to ask participants to agree to this statement:

“I support the aims and values of the Labour Party, and I am not a supporter of any organisation opposed to it.”

via Labour Admit They Can’t Stop Tories Voting For Corbyn –  Guido Fawkes.

Sweyn chirped up over his bere-flakes ‘They cannot stop people on the left either!!’

‘Yes,’ added I, ‘and does anyone know what the aims of the Labour Party are?

The Fingers of One Hand

Wee Ginger Dug

A guest post by Eric Rice

Of the thirty-two Local Authorities in Scotland, there are only five remaining where the Labour Party now commands an overall majority. True, there are a number of additional Councils where Labour hold a minority rule, or share the reins of power in a two-party or multi-party coalition, but the Authorities where the party which once dominated Scottish Politics remain in charge has been whittled down to just five.

Countable, literally, on the fingers of one hand.

If the latest TNS Polling data is to be believed, with the SNP commanding 60% of the Holyrood Constituency seats in 2016, and 50% of the Regional list seats, then these five lonely outposts may well turn out to be the Last Bastions of Labour control in Scotland after the Holyrood elections.

Shoogly indeed is the peg whereupon the remaining Scottish Labour Jaikeths Hangeth…

But it gets worse…

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Islander – Mercenary Airways.

Mog Blog

Loganair have put their company before the islands for far too long. Reliant on wealthy tourists who have enabled their monopoly over prices to continue. 


If I were to book a flight to Bangkok today from Aberdeen (£477) – a return day trip to Orkney from Aberdeen mid-season is marginally cheaper (£363) . This is COMPLETELY unacceptable and the unabated greed of this company has to be addressed. Something that should have been addressed 22 years ago, possibly more. I am an Orcadian and I am utterly ashamed of Loganair and indeed the council, it’s MPs and other people of affluence and influence who have done absolutely nothing to address this. It is a shame upon Orkney to be reflected by one company as an Isle of Greedy Businesses. To this note, it surprises me that we even have any sort of meaningful intake of flights. But beggars can’t be…

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