SCOT goes POP!: The country that forgot it was lunchtime

“It looks like we’re the lynch mob that forgot it was lunchtime – or maybe we’re not a lynch mob at all, but just fair-minded citizens who dare to expect certain basic standards of those in positions of privilege.  As I said myself when the revelation broke, I was genuinely shocked – Malcolm Bruce may truly believe that the whole world knew all along that all Lib Dem MPs routinely lie to the public, but the news hadn’t reached me.  I always thought that Carmichael was tiresome, but basically honest.

Mary Ann Kennedy (and I presume it’s THE Mary Ann Kennedy) said it best in a supportive comment she left on the fundraiser page –

“This has nothing to do with party politics and everything to do with accountability. I would expect every elected member similarly found wanting to be dealt with in like fashion. Dhan t-sitig leis.”

With such a huge amount of money having already been raised, there’s now an onerous responsibility on the organisers to make sure that this legal challenge does actually take place.  I think everyone understands perfectly well that there’s a chance it won’t succeed, but as long as the matter is taken to court and the law is tested, people will feel that they’ve had their money’s worth”

via SCOT goes POP!: The country that forgot it was lunchtime.

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