Granny Vole speaks out against the Cyber Trows. #carmichaelmustgo. Keep it clean and comment sober.

There have been lots of concern about how this debate is being carried out by both sides.

I gather Alistair Carmichael’s Facebook page has been experiencing problems and we are being called all sorts of names. Of most concern are stories that Mr. Carmichael’s children are experiencing cyber bullying. This is disgraceful. We hope that this stops and people are prosecuted. We urge people who are our supporters to avoid feeding the Trows. It can be fun to do so sometimes, but there is no need to respond to their accusations that we are traitors, cybernats or harassing the poor man. There is no need to attack every numptie who comments on the Radio Orkney page.

Satire, comedy and humour is welcome. YESNP Brigadoon and Shortbread did a fantastic spoof on this very site. That was funny, intelligent and deeply flattering. We know that lots of people have had fun with all sorts of memes. Please keep them factual, avoiding name calling and decent. In particular, imagine how your kids would feel if they saw that about you.

Granny Vole gives the Voleling good advice about social media. Out of the mouths of rodents…

orkneyvoles“When I was a little girl,” Granny Vole was a peedie lass long ago.”there were no computers or even telly.”

“What did you do to pass the time, Granny?” asked Sveyn.

“None of your business,”Granny replied tucking into a fine bit of mouldy cheddar.

” The black phone in the near in the hallway of the burrow was the only thing that linked us with the big far away outside world.

So when other baby voles started calling your granny names because great granddad vole was trying to stop people making really horrible things called nuclear bombs which could blow up the entire world it made me feel sad and hurt because I was thought was a good thing not a bad thing. I was only little then and didn’t undertand how nasty other voles could be.

But everyone said my daddy was bad. He told me not to worry and that it was very ok. He said that I should just ignore the name calling, but I still went away and cried in a a very secret part of the burrow so that no-one would see me.

It was unfair that others were attacking and being so nasty. That was long ago and that hurt and nastiness was bad enough – I think that kind of bullying and nasitness affected my whole life.

‘Really, Granny?’

‘Yes, Sveyn darling. It is one of the reasons I care so much about justice now. You must promise me that you won’t do that to anyone else. Today everything is much worse because of the internet and this thing called social media. Nasty kids can be an awful lot more worse than when I was a little vole. In my day nasty kids got a good talking which would make even a vole feel sheepish and used to stop it. The message here is do not call anyone names or say hurtful things on social media or anywhere else for that matter. We have to be better than our enemies.’

Sveyn hugged his old granny and said, ‘I promise.’

Granny Vole kissed Sveyn and said, ‘I know you are a good vole and won’t do any of those Trow things.’


One thought on “Granny Vole speaks out against the Cyber Trows. #carmichaelmustgo. Keep it clean and comment sober.

  1. Peter May 31, 2015 / 5:06 pm

    Absolutely! I have never even looked at his Facebook page,I have zero interest. His children have NOTHING to do with this!

    Let’s get him in court and let a judge decide
    Let’s keep up the respectful protests
    But for gods sake, don’t give the media the ammunition they want
    We have no quarrel with his family

    Let’s keep the pressure on respectfully,legally and aimed at the correct target guys!


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