The real people who are making #carmichaelmustgo a reality

petitioners 1
Terrifying extremists doing their evil work – the petitioners with the original document now in the Court of Session in Edinburgh

We are being called lots of names, both ourselves as the petitioners and those who are supporting us, lynch mobs, facists, traitors and so on. There is no sense in us trying to argue. Rather, here are what some of the people who have supported the campaign say in their own words. All are available here

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Who our supporters are

 “I am not a member of any political party.

I have voted for Alistair Carmichael, but not in 2015.
I do not accept that Alistair Carmichael’s actions prior to the 2015 general collection were acceptable or honourable. Has his facts been known prior to the election, it may well have affected the results.
The electorate of Orkney and Shetland deserve to be heard in the form of a by-election.” 

“I sent money from America in the hopes for some justice. Why does justice always cost money? It would had been a lot easier if this …  hadn’t been re-elected. Yeah, you all might think that’s the pot (America) calling the kettle (Scotland) black, but Carmichael and what he did is worse. Shetland… you owe me some wool… I’m a knitter.”

“Like many Orcadians, I met Jo Grimond. He earned the deep respect and trust of his constituents and LibDems have ridden the crest of that wave ever since. Until now.

Grimond will be turning in his grave to see how his beloved constituency is being treated by LibDems today.

IMHO, this isn’t only about a leaked memo (although that is bad enough). Carmichael used resources at the Scottish Office for blatant electioneering and, if that isn’t illegal, it bloody well should be.”

“Greens voter from Edinburgh supporting you. Good luck Orkney and Shetlands. Politicians won’t even legislate to make themselves accountable – so we will have to take them on through the courts.”

Why people are contributing.

“I do not live in your constituency, indeed I do not even live in Scotland. However, I am happy to contribute to your fund as your message that the people must have the final say needs to be heard loud and clear. Where you lead hopefully others will follow.

The behaviour of Alistair Carmichael and the refusal of his (once principled) party to take any action against him is disgraceful.
I have the greatest respect for all you are trying to achieve and wish you every success.”

“Adding a bit more on behalf of my sons. I want to see justice in Scotland. Time that the establishment games came to an end. We can but try, eh?’

Why we are feeling confident enough to continue.

Go ahead and get this done. We all understand that you’re concerned about the money, but don’t worry. We’ll make sure that your costs are covered.

People like Carmichael, Malcolm Bruce and their ilk just don’t realise that a new kind of politics has arisen in Scotland and it’s driven by the people. The old way of doing things is gone.”

“I have immense pride in Fiona, Tim and all others who are working together to make this work for the people of Orkney and Shetland. Scotland is being listened to. Westminster now knows we are not going to lie down and take their cr@p. If the government wont act then the people will. Thank you everyone and keep up the good work and keep your cards close to your chest. The principal is at stake and a precedent is being set. This to me is well worth the second donation.“

“Don’t worry – if Carmichael is an ass and defends this I will triple my donation as I hope may others will”

“I’ll be making more donations before the deadline, just can’t afford to do it all at once. In the build-up to the referendum we all saw how much could be accomplished through crowd funding, all those small donations mount up.

So, Fiona, Tim and your colleagues who started this campaign, don’t worry,
we’ll support you.”

“Corrupt politicians need to learn they are not untouchable, but we must also ensure the brave organisers of this legal challenge are not bankrupted for doing the right thing if the case goes ahead, but ultimately fails.
So, if you can afford it, please make a further small donation before the deadline.
If everyone who has contributed gave just £5 more each, the target can be reached.
Our young people must see that those who stand up to corruption are rewarded – not pilloried!
Thank you!”

7 thoughts on “The real people who are making #carmichaelmustgo a reality

  1. Valerie Gauld May 30, 2015 / 11:37 pm

    I agree with the poster who said that we will support you further if things get tough. What you are doing is vitally important for the rights of ordinary voters throughout the country, not just in Orkney and Shetland. You have shown real courage and integrity, and the tone of your campaign is gracious and dignified.
    I am going to make another donation, and I’m sure other people will contribute in the future should it be necessary. Best of luck! 👍😊


  2. caadfael May 31, 2015 / 11:32 am

    Hopefully this action will become the Spearpoint of a greater movement to remove the corrupt from office quickly and easily !


  3. Dawn Corbett May 31, 2015 / 6:36 pm

    Even if this acts as a deterrent for politicians in the future who contemplate smearing their opponents by:
    *Leaking a third-party document which should have remained in-house
    *Not researching the accuracy of the private memo in any shape or form
    *Lying on television to the public
    *Wasting time and money investigating
    *Thinking they can write two letters and turn down a ridiculously high amount of compensation and assuming that’s enough to exonerate them (compensation should have gone to a local charity to two!)


  4. Thomas Valentine May 31, 2015 / 7:00 pm

    In the late 1960’s an older couple on living on the edge of London went to question their council about the plans for a new road through their area. Their treatment from council officials and coucillors was quite abrupt and insulting. “Go home and mind your own business” type of thing. That was the way of it at the time everywhere.
    Their subsequent campaign throught the courts ended the road, the autocratic rule of councils and created the Green Belt. In England it brought in the requirement for public consultation and objections. Once a case is in the books nobody can ignore it.
    This case sounds very much like one that can change the relationship and the balance of power between the voter and the politician. Now they treat us as if it’s not our business. That if they lie its our fault for believing them. If they are caught only their friends in parliament get to decide what happens to them in a “theif tried in a court of theives”.
    Now it seems is your once in a lifetime chance to make a diffence.
    Good luck.


    • The Vole May 31, 2015 / 7:39 pm

      Fascinating thought – kinda one that makes me feel the need to stay grounded – one step at a time


    • Dawn Corbett May 31, 2015 / 10:09 pm

      Thomas Valentine, what a wonderful example of people power! Thank you for sharing and for giving a boost to these wonderful campaigners who are getting such negative comments about their determination to get some justice in this case.


  5. Fiona johnston June 3, 2015 / 5:24 pm

    So much easier to sit at home and do nothing accepting the “powerful” always win, BUT 8th May 2015 showed us otherwise. Well Done for illustrating this so powerfully. Whether you win the whole case or not, you have already achieved a lot and Carmichael is now irreperably damaged even if he gets to continue….hopefully he will not. He has shown such cowardice by not stepping down to stand again. He is now a lame duck MP , you deserve better.


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