Did the Carmichael memo leak swing the whole election for the Tories?

Cameron has a lot to thank Carmichael for.

Vanessa Garrett just sent us this about a post she put on the Radio Orkney fb page. We wanted to quote it in full. 

She wrote, “I commented that in England there was a tory campaign to frighten potential labour voters into voting tory – posters of Ed Milliband in Alex Salmond’s pocket, one of Alex Salmond as a pickpocket with the slogan ‘Don’t let the SNP steal your cash’, claims that the SNP would blackmail labour. I queried whether the leaked memo suggesting that Nicola Sturgeon was an untrustworthy liar was a mistake or part of this campaign. And as labour and the tories were supposed to be neck and neck and yet the tories ended up with a 12 seat majority, whether it affected the result of the general election.

I don’t think it is simply a case of whether Alistair would have got re-elected if the truth had come out before the election but whether the tories would have won outright. And by getting a libdem to do it, the tories protected their own reputation. It seems to be being treated as trivial but the actual effects could have been government changing. We are now stuck with 5 more years of tory austerity that has been shown to be damaging the economy and more giveaway privatisations to their mates with no coalition to rein them in. Your thoughts, please.”

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