Westminsteritis and hyperkenezia

“It’s not exactly a surprise that the last Lib Dem crawling has acquired a moral compass as mythical as the compassionate conservatism that was supposed to be a hallmark of the coalition that killed the part” Indeed!

Wee Ginger Dug

So the dishonourable Aliestair Koala has told the BBC that he’s got no intention of resigning his seat and allowing voters in Orkney and Shetland the chance to decide whether they want a liar and smear-merchant to represent them in the House of Commons. He thinks he should be judged on how he’s been as a constituency MP for the past 14 years and not his actual sins, which is a bit like a 1970s BBC radio DJ telling the judge to sentence him based on his work for charidee. How dare people want to judge him for his duplicity and underhand dealings. Aliestair doesn’t seen to realise that he doesn’t get to be his own judge and jury. He’s suffering from Westminsteritis. The only cure is to separate him from his privilege.

But then Aliestair doesn’t believe he’s really told a lie at all. When he told reporters that…

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