An important question has arisen.

We are horrified that other animals in Orkney should treat Alistair Carmichael with less than total respect. He is an honourable man and we are sure will do the honourable thing.

Mog Blog

As it would seem, Mr Carmichael has finally admitted his part in the Frenchgate affairs.  Handily, some two short weeks, after the General Election. Twitter is now ablaze with irksome fury – the innumerable and inexhaustible denizens of the internet are not best pleased.

However, this brings to question:

What things would make a better MP than Alistair Carmichael?


This MoleyMole cast out a survey to the political pundits of the internet.

Here are the results:

An Ostrich (B.Trueduck*)


The first offering. As requested by B.Trueduck*  A great admirer of ostriches, who was greatly vexxed that he’d managed to dupe himself into posting a picture of the offending villain on his personal page.

Boba Fett  (Laz Duvetell*)


Laz Duvetell* had requested “the picture of that bloke who’s kissing that girls arse.” Unfortunately, the knowledge of this MoleyMole is not replete with such images, so Boba Fett had to suffice. After…

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