C-Man: The Last Stand

Moles N Voles – whatever next?

Mog Blog

The last Lib Dem seat in Scotland is no longer safe – how will C-Man fare in the next election? Well, it’s questionable now that it’s come to light that he has admitted responsibility for the leaking of incredibly speculative documents. Not least, because he ordered an inquiry that has cost something to the tune of £1.4 million for said leak and yet claimed no knowledge of it’s existence. A very costly white lie, wouldn’t you say?

But then, his history is dark and riddled with moral dubiousness. He allied with the fiendish WestMonster in it’s machinations to privatise the wonderful Royal Mail. He drove forward with legislation that would allow fracking companies to usurp the rights of home owners. He secretly helped push through the very act that would enable nuclear waste stores to be imposed upon local communities without question. And, let’s not forget the

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