The Party for Working People – Murphy saved from the dole office – blames the people for his defeat.

The party for working people.
The party for working people.

The party for working people supports Jim Murphy on a new Job Creation Scheme

Jim Murphy was expected to turn up at his local job centre yesterday and signed on. Staff had a lottery to see who could ask him the questions.

What is your name?


Achievements in your last job?

But he was saved at the last moment by the party for working people who gave him a unique role, LBA, leader of bugger all.

His statement was a classic bit of hubris – he dared to give advice from defeat – he showed that he had no idea of why he is hated so much and why his party’s day is done. He thinks his party is still about progressive values and that we need them strong. They are like the ex who refuses to take the hint, er ‘no’, ‘I said ‘no’, ‘Go.’

This is what he thinks went wrong, the BBC reported

” Mr Murphy said Labour had “faced a perfect storm” following last year’s Scottish independence referendum.

“Firstly the ‘Yes’ vote finding a home in one party while the ‘No’ vote was spread over three,” he said.

“We were hit by two nationalisms – English nationalism, stoked up by David Cameron, and the Scottish nationalism of the SNP.”

Nothing about,

  • we did not listen,
  • we were patronising,
  • we saw your needs as secondary to our political lessons,
  • we got it wrong in how we camapaigned on the referendum.

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