Shetland’s SNP Selkies wish LibDem Hogboon all the best in his retirement.

Faroese_stamp_580_the_seal_womanZara the Setland Selkie got together with her yamils sent the Hogboon a lovely bouquet  and wishes for a speedy recovery and hopes he enjoys his retirement

“We know you are in good hands in the Balfour. The shock you must have felt is similiar to the one the rest of us had when Nick Clegg decided for us that that he would put in the Tories.  Clegg  has already confirmed  that he would rather do this again ratbe part of a centre left government that reflects the democratic will of the people across the union. If the majority of Scottish members are parliament  are not welcome in government because they are from pro Scottish agenda party well the traditional Westminster parties could do with remembering “No Taxation with out representation” with these words some of Britain’s first colonies where lost – it should be remembered that government rests of the consent of the governed.

If Labour or the Liberal Democrats  want to shut out of government what could even me every MP from Scotland based on some poles, then they have proclaimed disunion and when Ed Miliband say the SNP have “copied”  his manifesto then working together could see all his legislative program put in to practise to not work together would not only betray the will of the people of Scotland  but every person who voted labour across the United Kingdom.”

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