Our mate Giro from South – the big Westminster parties are a network that keeps secrets and protects business intrests

Aye – Orwell right again as often before


: a form of government in which people choose leaders by voting

: a country ruled by democracy

: an organization or situation in which everyone is treated equally and has equal rights

Democracy is for the common man, it is there to give voice to every man, woman and child in the country. We examine our lives, and part of the process of improving them is by electing another person, a certain party, to go forth into the great hall of Westminster and do bidding on our behalf. It is what puts the Great into Britain, the fact that we are all equal and one vote, one person, counts as much as the next. But just what the hell happens once these people get into power? There is a kink in the line that is suffocating those that struggle to get their voices heard.

There seems to be something in the air at Westminster that attracts and transforms a certain type of breed. We bear witness to a government that facilitates the starving of children, delights in the degradation of the disabled and feels justified in the victimisation of all those below its station.

Now that the fog of political apathy is lifting we can clearly see Medusa sitting tall in her chariot upon Westminster. The standard of living is dropping and the screws are tightening because people are asking questions, people have been forced to open their eyes. This is pissing her off and we feel her wrath more and more. Yet we can see her a little more clearer, her beauty is gone, her teeth are bared and a snake or two falls to the ground with the weight of guilt and scurries for cover.

We are represented by a government that protects the guilty. Not only are we outside of this club but we get penalised for being so. Or is this just cynicism after 5 years of Conservative rule?

 For the people – Against the people 

The sheer amount of lies, bitterness, bigotry and hatred being directed at the SNP and the people of Scotland is beyond decency. It is as blatant as it is disgusting. This is from the Media as well as politicians, but it’s ok because it’s only the Jocks.

What affects Britain the Great the most is probably austerity. It is what’s hitting people the hardest. Austerity where little things like corporate tax avoidance goes unpunished and gets taken out of society’s most vulnerable threadbare pockets. I am sure Ian Duncan Smith would get indigestion from his £37 breakfast if he realised that not all benefit claimants are workshy, smoking, drinking, thieving heroin addicts. Likewise, David Cameron would surely choke on his Cornflakes to learn that just because a person has had their benefits sanctioned and goes without money to feed his/her family, this does not qualify him/her as statistically employed. This goes against IDS’s horrifying quote that Work will Set You Free, unless repeated journeys to the food bank can be classed as gainful employment. They have been notified of these facts I’m sure, but I think they were busy that day. Dossiers to lose and the like.

General Elections can be an exciting time, filled with hope and belief in the democratic process. This General Election brings with it a sense of foreboding, a feeling that whatever best serves the interests of the electorate across all demographics will be viewed as the least important.

 Better Together

What Labour used to be about.

The petty posturing of the big 3 against Scotland and its people (How quickly 8 months passes eh?) is nothing new, but it makes us stronger. This year it has stepped up several notches. There is a real fear in British politics that the tidily kept landscape will be altered for ever. The unashamed lies, the constant repetition of the Referendum and of course Carmichael-gate, where the Secretary of State for Scotland, (Liberal Democrat Alistair Carmichael), was unashamedly proud of a fabricated ‘leaked’ memo from his party in attempt to smear Nicola Sturgeon.

The constant barrage from press and politicians regarding the SNP as a party whose sole interest is in breaking up the Union, will convince a lot of people south of the border that this is why they are against any form of coalition with them. If no coalition is offered then people will assume that this is the reason why the SNP will never tread in the same footsteps as the Westminster elite.

Could these constant repetitions be nothing more than sleight of hand though? Threats of a broken Union cannot be laid solely at the feet of the SNP. In the North of England people are fed up. They are fed up with the Austerity that is supposed to make their lives better in the long run. They vocalise support for the SNP, Plaid Cymru and the Green Party. Contrary to what we are getting force fed this is no longer about Nations, most people are aware that is now about class. It is about money, business and power. But mostly money. It is about an elitist attitude that takes precedence over what is right and just. Westminster under the Tories no longer even try to conceal their contempt for the British people.

 Meet the new boss, same as the old boss…

The outcome of this General Election is anything but a sure thing.

David Cameron’s reluctance to have a square go in the televised debates may be seen by some as a weakness, giving people food for thought regarding Labours chances. Ed Miliband seemed to have done ok on the televised debates, better than expected for a wet tissue of a man anyway. But is this just a ruse?

Every seat the SNP gain is a seat away from Labour. And now that Miliband is showing his teeth towards Scotland while Cameron apparently cowers in the corner, it has stuck in the craw of some Scots and made them even more determined to oust Scottish Labour. Even long term Labour supporters in Scotland are losing faith with their party’s worrying drift to the right, and what appears to be a manifesto based on discrediting the SNP rather than offering their supporters something to believe in and vote for. But is this playing into Cameron’s hands? Does he have the Labour party on an extendable leash giving the illusion of freedom, and only when they have sprayed enough shit and bitten enough children will they be reeled in and put to bed so that the Status Quo of power can be resumed? The fact that the Sun newspaper has come out in support north of the border is a very real and worrying indication indeed.

But what if Labour really do require a partner in crime after all the votes have been counted? What if this vitriolic insistence by Miliband that under no circumstance will he ever form a coalition with the SNP (or Plaid Cymru or the Greens for that matter), is an attempt to salvage every last possible Labour vote in Scotland like picking up confetti after the rain? Will Labour then take stock and look for what is best for Britain and its people? I doubt it. There are too many secrets through the years from both Labour and Tory governments for them to allow the SNP in to start snooping around. I think the Lib Dems will be the last one picked for the team, standing fidgeting and nervous on the touchline.

Outwith their core supporters they have very little credibility left after teaming up with Team Tory in the last election. For the last five years their policies would certainly have had more clout if they had formed a coalition with Labour. They could, and probably would have been a major player this year had they done so. But they didn’t. They threw their policies and principles out the window like an unwanted cigarette in their haste to pimp themselves out to the Tories for their 40 pieces of silver. This is what real government is about these days, it’s about wealth, it’s about lies, sex scandals and selling off chunks of the NHS to their mates.

It’s hard to see how the Lib Dems can be allowed to leave Westminster now that they know where the bodies are buried. This is a party who have voted in agreeance with nearly 90% of Tory policy and only criticise austerity measures when they are casting for votes.

This is the Old Boy’s network and it goes a lot further than keeping the Union. It goes higher than media manipulation and probably even further than politics. This about keeping secrets and protecting business interests.

So what are the real chances of a coalition being formed with a strong anti-austerity party like the SNP? Very slim I think. I hope I’m wrong but Westminster closes ranks quicker than UKIP would close the immigration gates.

But it is in this predictability of elitist greed that makes it possible for us to prosper. If everybody of voting age were to gather all their savings, wages, benefits (unsanctioned), even bartered tins of soup from the foodbank, and trot on down to their local bookmakers, a Lab/Con coalition is 33/1. Let’s do what our elected politicians fail to do time and time again and drag ourselves out of the clutches of austerity. An austerity where the richest prosper even more and the poorer go hungrier still.

Still undecided? Lab/Lib Dem is 8/1…

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