Carmichael could be a Tory Slave in the new Parliament. His quickie divorce isn’t working.

carmichael slave
Alistair Carmichael will be a Tory slave if elected

Carmichael and any other Liberal Democrats if elected next week will be Tory slaves. They will be voting fodder used to stop a progressive alliance taking power.

Clegg says he won’t enter into coalition with parties with which he fundamentally disagrees.

But we all know he will. Some of the the conditions that he is setting to enter Government are already Tory policy. He will pretend to have played a tough hand but will be pushing at an open door. He demands £8 billion funding for the NHS. The Tories have already pledged it. He wants to raise the income tax threshold, so do the Tories – a policy that will do nothing to help the poorest or people in benefits. The 12 billion the Tories have said they will cut from benefits is undoable. They have not costed it and won’t be able to deliver – Clegg will say them dropping that undoable goal that they never intended will be him being the kinder face of the coalition.

Nonsense!  The Liberal Democrats have become Tories in disguise. There will be so few of them that they will be unable to have any influence at all and any role in Government  will be due to the first past the post system that is their only salvation. The only LibDem who may be left in Scotland will be there because his inbuilt majority at the last election was so huge. Imagine if he continues as Secretary of State – a party with one MP in Scotland being in the cabinet as our representative. He will have no mandate at all, no support and be more of a colonial governor than even Malcolm Rifkind was.  It will be even funnier if he becomes leader of his party if and when Nick Clegg loses his seat.

Yet Labour and Tories both say that they will have nothing to do with the party that is the party of Government in Scotland and will represent most Scottish seats. They will treat our MPs as if they are terrorists. This is an anti-democratic carve up in the making, and if allowed, Carmichael will be in there, getting whatever job he is allowed but with no power to do anything.

Ironically, the only reason LibDems will survive with any force  in the new parliament is because of the First Past the Post System that they claim to despise. The BBC today said they will have 8% of the vote and perhaps 28 seats. UKIP will have twice their support and 3 or 4 MPs tops.  Ed Davey, the Coalition Energy Secretary said to BuzzFeed

““Our voting system is unfair. But bizarrely it’s actually helping us this time.

“Our poll rating isn’t high, I totally accept that, but actually we’re still doing well in our seats. If you can win in individual seats – and actually I think we’re doing a lot better than people think we’re doing – and even gain a few new ones, that system is actually helping us.”

The Liberal Democrats will do whatever it takes with whoever it takes to hold power. They are like chicken, everything tastes like them.  The one thing they will not be able to do is represent anybody but themselves.

3 thoughts on “Carmichael could be a Tory Slave in the new Parliament. His quickie divorce isn’t working.

  1. simon treasure May 2, 2015 / 7:46 pm

    Do you have anything positive to contribute or are you now just a hate column against the Libdems ? Why not try writing something constructive or is that beyond your talents ?


    • The Vole May 3, 2015 / 7:09 am

      Simon, our primary objective right now is to tell the truth about what the LibDems have done in power and to act as a counter to the misinformation they have been putting through doors.
      I want ensure that people know that if they elect Carmichael they may as well vote Tory and that other voters through out Scotland know that their party leadership has refused to release files about some of the worst periods in history and are not accepting their corporate responsibility about historic child protection issues.
      They have departed from their routes and become a party of the free market right and indistinguishable from those who used to be their enemies.
      As in “Animal Farm” they have become that which they opposed.
      That is not about hate, though perhaps hate is appropriate for the party that enabled the Tories to bring foodbanks to Orkney. Carmichael, at the hustings, seemed proud of the fact that his benefits advisers were sending people to them.
      Indeed, I am not even anti LibDem, I am opposed to Carmichael and all his works, this is not just a local campaign but something that needs to go to all voters in Scotland


  2. The Vole May 3, 2015 / 2:23 am

    It is not for us to
    say. I do not hate Aistair Carmichael. He has attacked me and ignored me but not answered me.
    This is not about him but how as a society we protect the must vulnerable. He puts a cap on their benefits and reduces them to starvation. He is responsible. He must go


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