Clegg ignored lawyers letters requesting files when Carmichael was Chief Whip.

Cyril Smith, LibDem finest
Cyril Smith, LibDem finest

The more I look at how the Liberal Democrats have behaved in the last couple of years about the legacy of Cyril Smith, the more disgusted I am. Every day, I find out something worse. I thought Liz Lynne being alleged to burning files was bad enough.

It gets worse. A firm of solicitors representing boys abused by Cyril Smith wrote to Nick Clegg requesting all files held by the party.

The Guardian reported on 27th February 2013

Alan Collins, a partner in the law firm Pannone, said Clegg had failed to acknowledge the letters. “We have formally written to Nick Clegg’s office on two occasions since 3 January requesting the chief whips’ files on the basis of our clients’ instructions and a CPS report into allegations of abuse at a hostel in Rochdale,” he said.

“We have good reason to believe that they contain information which will show that senior figures in the party were well aware of the allegations against Smith. However, we have not yet received a reply from the deputy prime minister.

How can we elect to Parliament people who covered up their most popular MP behaving like this? They must have thought harm to children was less important than the reputation of their party, that this was just another situation to manage.

Alistair Carmichael was chief whip at the time. If refusing to release files is not a cover up Mr. Carmichael, what do you call it? How would you explain your behaviour? Oh, I forget, you do not have to answer questions from people you disagree with. You will have to before the Goddard Inquiry and then you will have to resign if you are still in office.

One thought on “Clegg ignored lawyers letters requesting files when Carmichael was Chief Whip.

  1. Lorna Matheson May 1, 2015 / 5:54 pm

    The Liberals are embroiled in the paedophile filth of westminster. You only have to look at their present leader to see how the connections work. ” Leon Brittan has been Clegg’s political sugar daddy.”

    ” At exactly the same time Nick Clegg was at Cambridge, records show someone by the name of N. Clegg joined the Cambridge University Conservative Association between 1986 and 1987. Clegg however maintains he has “no recollection whatsoever” of joining the association.

    After university, Clegg then worked for EU Trade Commissioner and senior Conservative Party member, Leon Brittan in his private office, as his speech writer and adviser.”


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