SCOT goes POP!: The country that forgot it was lunchtime

“It looks like we’re the lynch mob that forgot it was lunchtime – or maybe we’re not a lynch mob at all, but just fair-minded citizens who dare to expect certain basic standards of those in positions of privilege.  As I said myself when the revelation broke, I was genuinely shocked – Malcolm Bruce may truly believe that the whole world knew all along that all Lib Dem MPs routinely lie to the public, but the news hadn’t reached me.  I always thought that Carmichael was tiresome, but basically honest.

Mary Ann Kennedy (and I presume it’s THE Mary Ann Kennedy) said it best in a supportive comment she left on the fundraiser page –

“This has nothing to do with party politics and everything to do with accountability. I would expect every elected member similarly found wanting to be dealt with in like fashion. Dhan t-sitig leis.”

With such a huge amount of money having already been raised, there’s now an onerous responsibility on the organisers to make sure that this legal challenge does actually take place.  I think everyone understands perfectly well that there’s a chance it won’t succeed, but as long as the matter is taken to court and the law is tested, people will feel that they’ve had their money’s worth”

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Internalised Scottophobia and self-inflicted rhinectomies

Ah – it feels nice to be chasing after someone else for a change.

Wee Ginger Dug

The Labour party has expelled a member in Glasgow because he said on social media that he intended to vote SNP at the election. That’s fair enough you might think, when you join a political party you should support that party and not tell folk you’re going to vote for someone else. Otherwise it would be like working for a sweetie shop and telling potential customers that soor plooms are really bad for their teeth and their health and they ought to munch on some healthy alternatives instead. In fact it’s exactly like that, as it is also true that voting for Labour’s Scottish soor plooms makes us toothless, and in excess can lead to a political diabetic coma. So it really is just as well that Scotland opted for the politically healthy alternative.

Anyway, this isn’t going to be one of those hand wringing articles about what Labour needs…

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Granny Vole speaks out against the Cyber Trows. #carmichaelmustgo. Keep it clean and comment sober.

There have been lots of concern about how this debate is being carried out by both sides.

I gather Alistair Carmichael’s Facebook page has been experiencing problems and we are being called all sorts of names. Of most concern are stories that Mr. Carmichael’s children are experiencing cyber bullying. This is disgraceful. We hope that this stops and people are prosecuted. We urge people who are our supporters to avoid feeding the Trows. It can be fun to do so sometimes, but there is no need to respond to their accusations that we are traitors, cybernats or harassing the poor man. There is no need to attack every numptie who comments on the Radio Orkney page.

Satire, comedy and humour is welcome. YESNP Brigadoon and Shortbread did a fantastic spoof on this very site. That was funny, intelligent and deeply flattering. We know that lots of people have had fun with all sorts of memes. Please keep them factual, avoiding name calling and decent. In particular, imagine how your kids would feel if they saw that about you.

Granny Vole gives the Voleling good advice about social media. Out of the mouths of rodents…

orkneyvoles“When I was a little girl,” Granny Vole was a peedie lass long ago.”there were no computers or even telly.”

“What did you do to pass the time, Granny?” asked Sveyn.

“None of your business,”Granny replied tucking into a fine bit of mouldy cheddar.

” The black phone in the near in the hallway of the burrow was the only thing that linked us with the big far away outside world.

So when other baby voles started calling your granny names because great granddad vole was trying to stop people making really horrible things called nuclear bombs which could blow up the entire world it made me feel sad and hurt because I was thought was a good thing not a bad thing. I was only little then and didn’t undertand how nasty other voles could be.

But everyone said my daddy was bad. He told me not to worry and that it was very ok. He said that I should just ignore the name calling, but I still went away and cried in a a very secret part of the burrow so that no-one would see me.

It was unfair that others were attacking and being so nasty. That was long ago and that hurt and nastiness was bad enough – I think that kind of bullying and nasitness affected my whole life.

‘Really, Granny?’

‘Yes, Sveyn darling. It is one of the reasons I care so much about justice now. You must promise me that you won’t do that to anyone else. Today everything is much worse because of the internet and this thing called social media. Nasty kids can be an awful lot more worse than when I was a little vole. In my day nasty kids got a good talking which would make even a vole feel sheepish and used to stop it. The message here is do not call anyone names or say hurtful things on social media or anywhere else for that matter. We have to be better than our enemies.’

Sveyn hugged his old granny and said, ‘I promise.’

Granny Vole kissed Sveyn and said, ‘I know you are a good vole and won’t do any of those Trow things.’


The organised lynch mob plots in the burrow #carmichaelmustgo

The organised lynch mob working to its own political advantage
The organised lynch mob working to its own political advantage

“However, our unequivocal condemnation of Mr Carmichael does not mean that we are blind to the hypocrisy of the organised lynch mob demanding – for their own party political advantage – that he stand down from his seat.”

via Argyll News: The Carmichael lie: another grubby pot condemns the leaking kettle | For Argyll.

I am thrilled by how the media is viewing what happens in this humble burrow. The idea that voles could lynch anyone is remarkable – any decent sized hen harrier could have me for lunch. Indeed, I gather there are some out to get me.

Here is a view of us angry people in an associated burrow, scurrying away for our own political advantage. I wish we had party support, we would be a lot less stressed if we were. I would like to make it clear that  we would be delighted to accept cash from the Liberal Democrats – plenty of them seem unhappy about what is happening. If Mr. Carmichael goes we could have one who has not lied to the electorate standing. He or she would have an excellent chance of winning.

As I survey my own clutter I am thrilled at the idea that anyone call me organised. Indeed, Mrs Vole is never very happy about me with this and devotes a significant amount of time to trying to sort me out.

The real people who are making #carmichaelmustgo a reality

petitioners 1
Terrifying extremists doing their evil work – the petitioners with the original document now in the Court of Session in Edinburgh

We are being called lots of names, both ourselves as the petitioners and those who are supporting us, lynch mobs, facists, traitors and so on. There is no sense in us trying to argue. Rather, here are what some of the people who have supported the campaign say in their own words. All are available here

Don’t forget to donate early and often.

Who our supporters are

 “I am not a member of any political party.

I have voted for Alistair Carmichael, but not in 2015.
I do not accept that Alistair Carmichael’s actions prior to the 2015 general collection were acceptable or honourable. Has his facts been known prior to the election, it may well have affected the results.
The electorate of Orkney and Shetland deserve to be heard in the form of a by-election.” 

“I sent money from America in the hopes for some justice. Why does justice always cost money? It would had been a lot easier if this …  hadn’t been re-elected. Yeah, you all might think that’s the pot (America) calling the kettle (Scotland) black, but Carmichael and what he did is worse. Shetland… you owe me some wool… I’m a knitter.”

“Like many Orcadians, I met Jo Grimond. He earned the deep respect and trust of his constituents and LibDems have ridden the crest of that wave ever since. Until now.

Grimond will be turning in his grave to see how his beloved constituency is being treated by LibDems today.

IMHO, this isn’t only about a leaked memo (although that is bad enough). Carmichael used resources at the Scottish Office for blatant electioneering and, if that isn’t illegal, it bloody well should be.”

“Greens voter from Edinburgh supporting you. Good luck Orkney and Shetlands. Politicians won’t even legislate to make themselves accountable – so we will have to take them on through the courts.”

Why people are contributing. Continue reading

Protesters: anger at MP far wider than just SNP | Shetland News

PROTESTERS seeking a by-election for the Northern Isles constituency have disputed Tavish Scott’s claim that efforts to unseat Alistair Carmichael are being orchestrated from the SNP’s Edinburgh headquarters.

The MP, who won the seat with a vastly reduced majority of 817 earlier this month, remains under strong pressure amid complaints to the parliamentary standards commissioner, a legal challenge and even a report to Police Scotland.

It relates to Carmichael’s admission last Friday that he had leaked a controversial memo asserting that Nicola Sturgeon’s preference was for David Cameron to remain Prime Minister, and then lied about it. Sturgeon and the French ambassador she met both categorically deny she expressed such remarks.

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Apres moi lied the stooge

The only Dug that this Vole likes.

Wee Ginger Dug

So he’s still there. Aliestair Koalamichael hasn’t resigned and shows no inclination to accept the proper consequences for his wrong doings. He’s doing his damnedest to keep out of the public eye, with the exception of a tweet saying that it will all blow over. He’s going to keep out of the public’s way until it does. He’ll be a very long time hiding then. It won’t blow over for Aliestair and it doesn’t matter how long he tries to hide. The smearer has smeared himself, he’s stained his reputation indelibly. This is all he’s ever going to be remembered for, the only notable event in his undistinguished career.

Today Orkney and Shetland residents lodged legal papers at the Court of Session challenging his election, having received sufficient funds from public donations to enable them to start legal action. The fundraiser is still short of the total required however, so…

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What happens now #carmichaelmustgo

petitioners inside 4
The four petitioners signing the paper work on Thursday night

Well folks, due to the overwhelming support of all of you, I was able to travel down to Edinburgh yesterday and lodge the petition to hold the electoral court at the Court of Session – it was a hair raising day – the papers had to be accepted by close of business or we would not have been in time – so I was on the early flight and it was delayed by two hours. Talk about timing!

Whilst I was in the airport, a certain MP of this parish walked past but did not recognise me – I don’t think he will be doing that again.

A word in praise of the legal team

Nothing could have happened without the sheer courage of our legal team. I met them all yesterday for the first time – and they were brilliant – they had been working around the clock for days – asking us questions really late at night – and under huge pressure.   I do not see how we could have better.

Events over the next few weeks

Now the papers have been lodged this is what happens.

  • I must pay £5,000 into the court on Monday morning.
  • The papers must be formally served on Alistair Carmichael this week.
  • From being served, Mr Carmichael has a week to respond if he choses to and must give the grounds of his objection and he must
  • Then there is a period of ‘adaptation’ where what is agreed is agreed – and here the basis of his conduct is not in doubt. He has admitted it after all.
  • The Court of Session officials set a date for the trial – that is the word being used – that could take place in Edinburgh, Lerwick or Kirkwall.
  • Then it all happens. Witnesses can be called and two judges will take the decision and then of course, there could be an appeal.

We cannot show you the grounds of the petition yet (and here a petition is a formal document going to the Court rather that the 38 Degrees kind of thing) because it has not been served – and now it belongs to the Court rather than us.

Two big things stand out.

  • It is going to take a long time – we have no idea how long – the Woolas case that took place in England lasted 7 months –
  • and it could cost anything at all.

So our focus has now to shift towards planning for the length of the campaign.

Fiona McInnes who has been the inspiration behind this keeps saying to me ‘don’t get carried away, stay grounded.’ This is fantastic advice that could serve as our moto as we move into the next phase. There is time to do local events that can themselves be part of the story – and we had some fun generating ideas – the #carmichaelmustgo beetle drive, the Alistair Cake Bake, and so on. Anything we do must be consistent with the aims of the campaign – so please be careful not to give our opponents ammo for the myths that they are spreading about us being a nationalist lynch mob.

There is a blog associated with the campaign tho not part of it – – it is posting regularly on what is happening as well. Please use it too.

When it comes to this next stage, we are not the people in control – you are – we are voters trying to clean up politics – so we have to stay honest, keep kind and organise our socks off.

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Zara does a ‘vox pop’ in Lerwick – people are giving to our campaign because they believe in democracy.

Faroese_stamp_580_the_seal_womanZara the Selkie has been out and about in Lerwick – tho not in her seal skin of course and no, she does not wear leather shoes but is rather fond of herring.

There has been much talk of the fundraising efforts for a legal challenge of Alistair Carmichael’s election as some kind of Nationalist attempt to over turn the result and paint this as SNP or yes movement politically motivated move but what I hear from all across Shetland is disappointment that Alistair first made this ill advised choice and then lied about it during the election campaign.

Every one I meet who has donated is saying the same thing it about democracy,and if one of the true features of liberalism as we have been told this week is second chances then I join with my fellow constituents in inviting Alistair to stand again as candidate  for Orkney and Shetland  , to not be pressured by the risk to the party over it being the last liberal seat in Scotland.

Some of the things people have been saying to me in Lerwick that they wish they could say to him:

  • Do the right thing resign and seek re-election it show the same faith and respect to the people of Orkney and Shetland they placed in sending you to Westminster as our MP.
  • If you stand down and stand again before Friday thirty to sixty thousand pounds will be donated to food banks and your reputation begins to be rebuilt, I firmly believe the man who entered office to represent Orkney and Shetland in 2001 would be just as shocked and disappointed as we are about what has happened.
  • There comes a time when we all have to choose between what is right and what is easy.
  • Make the right choice for both yourself and your constituents

And in case anyone still thinks this is all about the SNP and yes movement, I voted for Alistair more than once and was impressed by his performance as local MP in the past. If he stands down and then goes back to the electorate, I may do so again.

Someone else said to me, ‘

I have been a unionist all my life.

I voted ‘no’ and then voted for ‘him’.

And this is what we get.’