SHOCK Selkies leave Alistair Carmichael and LibDems for SNP. Zara from Unst tells us why.

Faroese_stamp_580_the_seal_womanZara, a well known Selkie contacted us from Muness in  Unst to tell us why she believes mythological creatures in the Northern Isles should abandon the Liberal Democrats. This is her story.

Unlike hogboons, Selkies are able to pass as human and many are registered to vote. Zara, like many others went to university and so is very passionate about Higher Education.

Until the last General election I always voted Liberal Democrat. Sending SNP MPs to Westminster seemed as useful as sending UKIP ones to Strasburg: that they did not believe in the institution or want to be part of it meant that they would not do their job properly.

I got really excited last time. We selkies believed in Nick Clegg  and thought that a  hung parliament  seemed a great opportunity a chance for the liberals bring new life to tired a “New” Labour that had lost its way. We wanted to create a coalition of social democratic parties that even Trows and Hogboons could sign up too. It seemed the  natural thing to do  and we  even dared hope  he would reach out to the SNP  a few more votes if needed. Nick Clegg betrayed all the mythological beings who voted for him when he made a deal with the Conservatives and  he put his natural opposition in power. He rejected the advice of Charles Kennedy who has since been proved right time after a time and one of few Lib Dems who still has my respect. They could have done so much better, they handled the coalition with Labour in Scotland well but they failed and failed badly.

After campaigning for no tuition fees for students,  the government Carmichael is  part of raised them massively.  He betrayed young people in England and put a tax on them for going to University that his family won’t have to pay. He helped set prescription charges that won’t effect him.

I will not be voting Liberal Democrat  at this election, I can’t trust them under current management. The one party that was meant to  support a different kind of politics turned into  double dealers worse than the rest. 

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