Alistair Carmichael wants Orkney and Shetland ferry prices to go up!! The truth about Road Equivalent Tariff

The ferry link Carmichael wants
The ferry link Carmichael wants

Alistair Carmichael, the LibDemSleaze candidate for Orkney and Shetland is lying when he says that we are being untreated unfairly in the Northern Isles because we do not have Road Equivalent Tariff .

He is doing everything he can to foster division between the Northern Isles and the rest of Scotland.  This is a daft policy of the kind of thing his colleague, Tavish Scott came out with when he wanted home rule for Shetland and got laughed at by everyone.

RET is a distance based fares structure, which underpins the Scottish Government’s commitment to providing one single overarching fares policy across Scotland’s entire ferry network.

The Scottish Government makes no secret of why.

For the Northern Isles, due to the longer distances involved, rolling out RET now or in the next few years would mean an increase on a range of fares currently available.

We have said that no one will pay more for an RET fare than their current standard single fare, therefore the intention is to phase in the introduction of RET to the Northern Isles over a much longer timeframe.”

The current system was begun in 2006, by no other than Tavish Scott when he was transport minister in the Labour/Lib Dem coalition. He was responsible for the current boats that many say are not cost efficient. The ferries are yet another mess that the LibDems have left us with that the Scottish Government now has to sort out.  Many skeptics thought that in the last consultation they would take the boat from Stromness but they listened to local concerns and made sure that we continue to have a choice of routes and that, in Orkney at least, no company has a monopoly.

Oh and Alistair, don’t forget to answer our questions about Cyril Smith. You will one day to the Goddard Inquiry  and under oath. Then we will find out what you have been covering up for Mr. ‘I am so sorry’ Clegg. Oops, not ‘covering up,’ I meant the files that you have decided not to release and the papers Liz Lynne is alleged to have burned.

2 thoughts on “Alistair Carmichael wants Orkney and Shetland ferry prices to go up!! The truth about Road Equivalent Tariff

  1. Colin Hunter April 29, 2015 / 1:08 pm

    Does anyone remember the P&O days, and the North Company that went before them? With P&O, Islanders received a 30% discount on EVERYTHING, including cabins, and only ever paid Low Season fares all year round. This meant that the subsidy was better targetted at Islanders. My late wife was from Yorkshire, and it used to cost her Family about £200 more (in the late ’80s, a considerable sum!) to visit Shetland than we paid for a similar number of people/kids to go “south”
    As soon as Northlink took over their (My wifes family) fares decreased substantially while ours increased by a siimilar amount. This was because the Walk on fare Northlink set was quite (commendably) low at about £20 (average) but it was this fare which attracted the 30% reduction. The price we paid for cabins attracted no reduction as it had with P&O.
    We now find ourselves in a situation where, if my inlaws wish to visit me, they qualify for a freinds and family discount, and pay the same amount as if they were islanders! My new partner and I are planning a trip south this summer, for 5 people with two vehicles. We are not going to get a lot of change out of £1000 for the privelege. Hardly what you would call a “lifeline” service!


    • The Vole April 29, 2015 / 3:02 pm



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