Carmichael accuses Vole of inbreeding but does not answer questions. Shocked Vole denies smear.

Alistair_Carmichael_MP_at_Bournemouth_2009YESNP Brigadoon & Shortbread West asked Alistair Carmichael on facebook to “help the paedophile-obsessed Orkney Vole with their research.”

He got a reply,

“Thank you for contacting me with respect to my constituent, The Orkney Vole. Unfortunately that particular rodent and his family are beyond help due to generations of interbreeding, a practice that he continues to this day with his sister.”

This is a fine example of playing the Vole, not the issue, and he accuses me of smearing! He seems to think that he does not need to answer questions from political opponents and complains that repeated attempts to get him to respond are harassment.

Various people in Facebook have mentioned other scandals as if this is some kind of ghastly tit for tat , Bill Walker, Ian Campbell Dunn of the Paedophile Information Exchange and the terrible things that happened  to Hollie Greig.

This is not a nationalist issue. There is a difference in scale. The current Labour MP for Rochdale, Simon Danczuk accuses the current Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister of colluding in covering up activities that involved Cyril Smith and may have also protected Lord Janner and Leon Brittan.

Danczuk wrote on 7th March,

“Nick Clegg and David Cameron have colluded in covering this up. It involves their people and we should not have to learn about this piecemeal because of journalists pestering for information. Both men need to come clean and make a personal commitment to revealing everything that is now held by Government departments. The Prime Minister promised there would be no stone unturned into the inquiry of historic sex abuse in Westminster. But the Cabinet Office seems to be doing the opposite. Nick Clegg, who sits in this department, has already written to me refusing to carry out an investigation into who knew what about Cyril Smith in his party and it’s disappointing to see the Cabinet Office continuing this unhelpful approach.’”

The Vole is not ashamed of caring about child protection and wanting a system that means that people are not protected from the consequences of crime by virtue of their office, be that financial, sexual or indeed and perhaps most seriously, engaging in illegal wars.

The Daily Mail, hardly a nationalist rag quoted Danczuk challenge to Clegg on the 9th April,

‘I urge him to face up to the fact that one of his colleagues – somebody who he and other members of his party celebrated for very many years – was a paedophile.

‘I think it is a disgrace to try to avoid tackling this issue and to try to politicise this issue in the way that he is doing.’

Here are the questions again. This is not a personal issue.  No one is accusing Mr. Carmichael of what he accused me, an innocent vole.

-When did you first learn about Cyril Smith’s criminal activities as an MP?
-What did you do to ascertain further information?
-What files has the party held on Cyril Smith? Where are they now? If they were destroyed, on whose orders?
-What advice did you give Nick Clegg on how to handle the situation?
-Did David Steel know about the system that was in place that enabled Smith to make one phone call to get out of trouble?
-David Steel’s unwillingness to act enabled Smith to continue his activities. Will you disassociate yourself from him?
– What practical support will the party offer the people Smith victimised as an MP?






2 thoughts on “Carmichael accuses Vole of inbreeding but does not answer questions. Shocked Vole denies smear.

    • The Vole April 25, 2015 / 1:25 pm

      What a terrible mistake we made – changing the main posts now – our apologies to all


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