Alistair Carmichael on Tuition Fees

As Secretary, President and Treasurer of Voles for Free Education I thought I would remind you that our Alistair Carmichael was one of the 27 Liberal Democrat MPs who voted in favour of  Higher Education Tuition Fees in the House of Commons on 9th  December 2010.  He voted against them earlier on  27th January 2004, 31st March 2004, 19th July 2004

We all know that students in Scotland don’t pay them. So he imposed a higher education tax on English families. I can understand why this makes people south of the border a wee bit pissed.  I know he must have good reasons for changing his mind, so as soon as I can find them out, I will tell you. Please post suggestions below.

I am so glad that voles don’t have to go to school, the University of Life is quite enough for us.

One thought on “Alistair Carmichael on Tuition Fees

  1. Cliff Purvis April 10, 2015 / 6:15 am

    Possubly because he, like others of his party has sold his political beliefs in return for power! Those of that dam party (libdems) state they have acted as a breaking mechanism against the worst of Tory rule! Go tell that to the users of food banks or those on zero hours contracts or explain it to the students down south that their eduction has to be payed for whilst MPs take an 11% pay hike. Tell it to the service veterans sleeping rough or the overstretched fire, police and NHS. Then look yourself in the mirror Carmichael, point your finger and say “your a clown”
    Well that’s my theory.


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