Hmm, not sure what to make of an article published online by the Herald Scotland on 17 December. Just who are their readership, I wondered… The article in question was about the Fib Dems launching a ‘Stop Salmond’ “appeal” for Christine Jardine in the Gordon constituency in May. It made me wonder if anybody who may donate to this “appeal” actually knew where Gordon was (or more likely, who he was). I digress. The article, like so many online these days, was festooned with adverts, but along the right hand side it had links to ‘Scotland’s Homes’ and ‘Herald Drive’. Are these adverts directed at me? “Edinburgh, Semi-Detached House, 6 bedrooms”. So far, so good, I like looking at property particulars. You either get a good laugh or decorating tips. “Guide price £2,100,000”. Whit? “Edinburgh, Semi-Detached House, 6 bedrooms.” Okay… “Offers over £1,100,000”. Right, so I’m imagining this isn’t really directed towards me, then. “Auchterarder”. Now that surely doesn’t have the same price tag as the more upmarket, genteel Edinburgh, surely? “Plot, 6 bedrooms”. So, no house. Just grass. “Offers over £1,000,000”.

Is there something wrong with me? Should I expect to see price tags like that attached to houses now? How about the cars?

“Land Rover – Range Rover Sport. Land Rover Glasgow South. £58,990”. An absolute steal. Do you have it in teal?

“Land Rover – Discovery. Land Rover Glasgow South. £61,990”. Makes the first one seem positively cheap.

“Land Rover – Range Rover Evoque. Land Rover Glasgow North. £42,990”. Ah, so you get much more for your money in the north of the city, then.

The lesson? Well, there isn’t one. There doesn’t have to be in every story, does there? However, I rather think that the donors who may be interested in the ‘Stop Salmond’ “appeal” may be more interested in those properties and cars than most.

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