Are you sittan doon?

Our MP has actually achieved something!  Perhaps you missed it?

Every year Radio Orkney do a Christmas card appeal whereby the post office folk read out all the misaddressed cards, and usually find homes for them all.  Well, the newly privatised Post Office (you remember the one, the one that would have been taken back by the public in an independent Scotland) decided that this just wasn’t on any more, as it cast them in a bad light, haha!  How dare they actually try and deliver mail!

Anyway, Radio Orkney were none too chuffed.  The RO Facebook page went into meltdown.  People were besides themselves, tearing out their hair in clumps and considering rioting the Kirkwall Post Office.

But, Alistair Carmichael to the rescue!  He donned his cape, put his pants on the outside of his trousers, and he picked up the phone.  I’m not sure anyone else could have managed such an onerous task.  He spoke to someone in “power”.  He got the Post Office to back down!  Hurrah for Alistair!  What a guy!  The misaddressed cards will once again feature on Radio Orkney!

See what happens when you have the Secretary of State for Scotland in your corner?

One thought on “Are you sittan doon?

  1. The Vole December 22, 2014 / 6:16 pm

    Goon on you Whup – good to see you in here – and lots of people reached


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